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VOKKERO for Healthcare

Product Focus – VOKKERO for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals require instant and secure communications to aid in the management of their wards and personnel communications. The lightweight VOKKERO Guardian provides a full duplex two-way radio that can be worn comfortably underneath PPE.


Product Focus – VOCOVO – Connecting Teams Together Even at a Distance

VOCOVO Team Communication Headsets, Handsets and Call Points are aiding small businesses & retail organisations to work within their new COVID 19 social distancing guidelines.

Product Announcement – Entel Launch New MED Compliant Marine Fire Fighter ATEX Handportable

Product Announcement – Entel launch MED compliant marine fire fighter ATEX handportable

With stock available from April 2020, Entel will be the first to market with an extensive range of MED compliant Fire Fighter Radios. The class-leading distinctive red bodied DTEx Firefighter Radios are available in ATEX IIB, and for vessels requiring a more stringent gas rating, there is also an ATEX IIC variant.

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Products End of Repairs April 2020

Motorola Solutions Legacy Products End of Repairs Announcement – April 2020

Motorola Solutions have issued a notification for the end of support on serviceable parts for their legacy portfolio.

8 Reasons Why Two Way Radio Can Benefit Your Organisation

8 Reasons why two way radio can benefit your organisation

Two way radio has a history spanning over 100 years. Its form may have evolved but it still provides organisations both in the private and public sector with one of the most powerful and reliable forms of communication.

mototrbo dp4800e

Share Information Quickly, Discreetly, Safely with Two Way Radio Text Messaging

How do you get information to your mobile employees conveniently, discreetly and safely? Extend your desktop applications without added infrastructure or cost? Text messaging can improve the speed, safety and responsiveness of your workforce, no matter where they are.

Free WAVE Subscriptions

Motorola Solutions Offer Free WAVE Service App for Key Workers

Motorola Solutions have responded to the rapidly evolving situation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and have offered their WAVE™ free WAVE Service App for 3 months* to key organisations and their employees.

Top Five Features of the Motorola Solutions ST7000 TETRA Device

The Motorola Solutions ST7000 meets the communication needs of executives, customer-facing staff and senior officers in office, airport, hotel and casino environments are driven by style, as well as function.


Ask the Expert with Carl McCannon, Secure Power

In this months ‘Ask the Expert’ we are talking to the award-winning power specialists, Secure Power, Sales Director Carl McCammon about how dedication to continuously differentiate drives them to work with Partners like Radiocoms, to provide UPS solutions for hardware and software.

A Statement from our Managing Director How Radiocoms are navigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

How Radiocoms are navigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

As the outbreak of the Coronavirus continues to escalate and we navigate our way through these unprecedented times, we would like to make you aware of the steps that Radiocoms is taking as an organisation to keep our clients and employees safe.

MAG Deploys Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Capacity Max at Stansted-DP4801e close up

Product Focus – MOTOTRBO DP4000E Digital Two Way Radio Series

Offering a full set of features and rich functionality such as superb audio quality, full-colour display, integrated Bluetooth for audio and data, enhanced GPS, and text messaging the MOTOTRBO DP4000 Series hand portable two-way radios are ideal for both private and public sector organisations.

SILENTA XM4 Folio Image

Product Focus – SAVOX SILENTA XM 4 Face Shield

Unnecessarily touching your face shield should also be avoided, the Silenta XM4 face shield has an adjustable and padded headband and is designed especially for long-term use.

SILENTA MM4 Folio Image

Product Focus – SAVOX SILENTA MM4 Disposable Face Shield

The SAVOX SILENTA MM4 Disposable Face Mask is a comfortable disposable face mask which has been designed to prevent splashing from airborne liquids such as coughs or sneezes.

Guidelines on how to keep your SAVOX Accessories clean

Guidelines on how to keep your SAVOX Accessories clean

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, SAVOX has released instructions to ensure that users of their accessories take the necessary precautions to minimise the risk of contamination. SAVOX recommends that all equipment is personal issue.

How to keep your Radio Communications Equipment, Body Worn Cameras & Accessories clean  

How to keep your Radio Communications Equipment, Body Worn Cameras & Accessories clean

As well as regularly cleaning our hands, experts advise to keep our electrical devices clean, and this does include two way radio communications equipment, body worn cameras and accessories.

What-implications-does-a-power-outage-have-on-your-organisation (1)

What Implications does a Power Outage have on your Organisation?

The disruption of power has been identified as one of the top-four business risks and, surprisingly, almost 75% of the 1500 business leaders researched admitted they were underprepared to deal with power outages. Unexpected power outages can cause unplanned situations that are not only costly but occasionally difficult to recover from.


Whitepaper – Resilience Levels in Business Radio Systems by FCS

Professional Radio communication has been used to achieve operational efficiency gains and improve safety arrangements for staff for many years. In this whitepaper, FCS explores resilience levels in business radio systems.

WAVE-Product-Family-Motorola-Solutions-Radiocoms-Systems-Ltd (1)

Four Reasons Why WAVE Push-To-Talk (PTT) could be the Software Solution for your Organisation

Industries are undergoing a digital transformation to modernise the way their employees communicate, to increase productivity and ensure their safety. Motorola Solutions WAVE software can unify teams across multiple technological platforms, ensuring they work together seamlessly.


Radiocoms Systems Ltd Migrates to ISO 45001:2018

After a successful audit, Radiocoms Systems Ltd has been awarded the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management Certification (previously accredited to OHSAS 18001:2007 from March 2014).


Motorola Solutions to Provide MOTOTRBO™ Premium Software Features as Standard

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ Premium software features that are normally sold à la carte are now included as standard with selected MOTOTRBO portable and mobile two-way radios so that you can benefit from MOTOTRBO advanced functionality without the need for additional licenses.


Entel Announces new Advanced Emergency features for the DN495 LTE Radio

Duty of care is a hot topic and Entel’s DN495 is one of the most advanced lone-worker PoC two way radios on the market today – add, change or remove emergency features easily, instantly and at any time, find out how.


Radiocoms’ achieves record scores on Achilles UVDB Verify Audit B2

Radiocoms’ achieved near-perfect scores across all required areas for their Achilles UVDB Verify Audit B2 – 98% for Management Health and Safety, 100% for On Site Health and Safety, 100% for Environment, 100% for Quality and 100% for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Radiocoms Systems Ltd awarded Manx Utilities contract

Radiocoms Systems Ltd awarded Manx Utilities contract

Radiocoms Systems Ltd has been awarded a three year support and maintenance contract by Manx Utilities for their comprehensive Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus System, which is integrated with, WAVE 5000 and TRBOnet Plus.

Motorola Solutions Annual European Partner Conference 2019

Motorola Solutions hosted the event for all of their European Platinum Partners in Dublin. The conference included thought provoking presentations from Viv Francis, Vice President who explored emerging, innovative and long-term solutions across their product & service offerings.


Radiocoms Systems Ltd is awarded a place on RM3808

After partaking in a comprehensive vendor assessment in late 2018 for one of the Uk’s most significant public sector frameworks, Radiocoms announces that they have secured a position within the Crown Commercial Service RM38080 Network Services 2 framework agreement.

5-Steps-to-Creating-a-Secure-Bluetooth-Environment-for-your-MOTOTRBO-Two-Way-Radios (1)

5 Steps to Creating a Secure Bluetooth Environment for your Two-Way Radios

Bluetooth technology is everywhere. By following these five steps you can create a mission-critical Bluetooth environment for your two-way radios and mitigate these risks.

News Pages Ask the Expert with Matt Wright, Global View Systems

Ask the Expert with Matt Wright, Global View Systems

In this months ‘Ask the Expert’ we are talking to the award-winning software developers, GlobalView Systems, CEO Matt Wright about how they develop their solutions to deliver the right message, to the right people, to make the right decision.


Radiocoms’ Partners with Motorola Solutions New Technology Acquisitions

Following Motorola Solutions’ acquisition of Avigilon Blue and Edesix Body Worn Devices, Radiocoms Systems Ltd formally announce that they now supply and support both technologies.

The-Value-Of-MOTOTRBO-Software (1)

What are the Advantages of Planned MOTOTRBO™ Software Updates?

MOTOTRBO™, as with all computing systems, is composed of hardware and software. Every new software release delivers increased capability, security and reliability, which increases the value of your investment with every update.


Radiocoms Systems Ltd is elevated to Constructionline Gold Level Status

Following a recent audit, Radiocoms Systems has been awarded a Constructionline Gold Level (Level 3) elevating it from the Silver Standard. This prestigious award gives clients enhanced assurance about Radicoms Safety, Environmental Management and Quality Management procedures and policies.

Radiocoms-Systems-supports-London-based-St-Johns-Hospice (1)

Radiocoms Systems supports St Johns Hospice

Based in Central London, St Johns Hospice provides specialised palliative care to over 4,000 terminally-ill patients & their families every year when they need it most.


What are the Benefits of a Voice Recording Module on your Radio System?

Through a simple, software module Radiocoms Systems Ltd can offer a digital voice recording function on your Motorola Solutions, MOTOTRBO or Hytera two-way radio system.

Cel-Fi-GO-X-Mobile-Signal-Boosters (1)

Product Focus – Cel-Fi GO X Mobile Signal Booster for 3G/4G

For Buildings and remote places, the Cel-Fi GO X award winning mobile phone signal boosters offer the most advanced technology for boosting 3G & 4G mobile coverage.


Product Focus – Motorola Solutions Launch MOTOTRBO SLR 1000 VHF Repeater

Meeting ETSI DMR standards Motorola Solutions has now launched a MOTOTRBO SLR 1000 VHF repeater as an addition to their existing MOTOTRBO repeater portfolio.


Ask the Expert with Trevor Wright from antennaPRO

In this months ‘Ask the Expert’ we are talking to our fellow FCS member and antenna & filter supplier, antennaPRO about their newest products and how they are tackling our ever-changing industry with new technological innovations.

Why use body worn cameras image

Why should your organisation be using bodycams to protect your employees?

In today’s current workplace environment the need to protect your employees has become ever more prevalent, and as an employer, it is your duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of your employees, Hytera’s VM body camera technology you can capture and record video evidence.

Entel Launches E POC Device and Software

Product Focus – Entel Launches E POC Device and Software

Healthcare professionals require instant and secure communications to aid in the management of their wards and personnel communications. The lightweight VOKKERO Guardian provides a full duplex two-way radio that can be worn comfortably underneath PPE.

Important Motorola MOTOTRBO DP4000 and DP2000 battery update information

An intent to cancel notice has been issued for a selection of the MOTOTRBO DP4000 (DP4400/DP4401e/DP4600/DP4601e/DP4800/DP4801e)and DP2000 (DP2400/DP2600) series two way radio batteries. The battery portfolio is being streamlined and the remaining batteries have been issued with a price change notification.


Why are the Motorola GP series ATEX two way radio repairs ceasing with immediate effect?

Motorola Solutions have ceased with immediate effect all repairs to the Motorola GP Series ATEX two way radios. This is due to higher ATEX regulatory restrictions and critical components no longer being available.

Ask the Expert with Steve Benn from PTTi

Ask the Expert with Steve Benn from PTTi (Push to Talk International)

In this months ‘Ask the Expert’ we are talking to POC (push to talk over cellular) service provider, PTTi about their latest software innovations, tackling the confusion around POC and how they are leading the way with their Know More & Do More motto.

DMR Future of two way radio whitepaper

White Paper – The Future of Professional Digital DMR Two-way Radio by Motorola Solutions

Explore the unique needs of these mobile workers in this Motorola Solutions whitepaper and the ways that digital technology serves these needs in ways that analogue radio can’t.

Hampshire Firefighters

News – Motorola Solutions enhances safety of England’s Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

Motorola Solutions today announced that Greater Manchester Fire Service (GMFRS) has selected MOTOTRBO™ radios with IMPRES™ audio quality and noise cancelling audio accessories to enhance fire-ground communications and safety for 1,200 firefighters across the North West of England. Working with Motorola Solutions partner Radiocoms Systems Limited, GMFRS has provided fire and rescue service officers with more than 500 Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO radios, which improve voice quality and clarity even in the noisiest of emergency situations.

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