Hytera SmartDispatch Software.

The Hytera SmartDispatch application is not a single module, but a group of components that can be built up to a system, based on subscriber size, topology and coverage requirements. It can be configured as a small single-site system, up to a large multi-site, cross-country network system.

Hytera SmartDispatch

Developed in accordance with the digital ETSI radio standard DMR, the Hytera SmartDispatch application is designed as an efficient communication and support tool to manage and direct all of your DMR conventional Tier II radio subscribers.

With its client-server architecture, its modular design and its Voice-over-IP support (VoIP), Smart Dispatch offers you the latest dispatching features in one software solution.

SmartDispatch Monitor

Hytera SmartDispatch Features

Real-Time Tracking
The location of any radio can be tracked in real time. Users have the option to display the location route on the map. The tracking interval depends on the location update interval configured in each radio and the channel loading of DMR system.

Phone Interconnect
This allows the dispatcher make or receive PSTN/PABX calls through the dispatcher client console and for the radios to make calls to telephones and vice versa.

Emergency Alarm
When an emergency is activated by a subscriber radio, the dispatch System will trigger an alarm. Optionally, the location information of the radio that triggers the emergency will be shown on the map.

On-Line/Off-Line Status Reporting
When the radio is powered on / off it will send a status report to the dispatcher. They will also be able to check the status of any radio with status query command.

Access Privileges
Based on each customer’s needs, each dispatch client access level can be assigned to selected radio units, or the entire fleet, and can also be assigned to specific sites or any site in the system.

Text Messaging
Dispatchers are able to send and receive DMR standard text messages. A text message can be sent to a radio, or a group message can be sent to a group of radios identified by group ID.

GPS Positioning
Retrieve the location information of any GPS enabled radio either by requesting on demand the current position of the radio or by sending a Start Tracking Command.

Location History & Route Playback
All location information of radios will be kept in the systems database for later retrieval and history location checking.

Other features include:

  • Automatic GPS Polling
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Database Backup/Recovery
  • Radio Stun/Activation
  • Speed Alarm
  • Voice Recording & Playback

Download Specifications PDF

Download the Hytera SmartDispatch manufacturer’s specification PDF.

Hytera SmartDispatch brochure

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