Alarm handling software for two way radios, mobile phones and PC’s

Building Research Establishment (BRE) generates new knowledge through independent research. In a project where they collated information alongside their contributors and UKFRS, BRE identified that on average a false alarm costs an organisation £2900.00, this equates to approximately £1 billion being lost every year collectively by organisations in the UK (including the subsequent downtime and loss of productivity.) The use of staff alarms and investigation periods prior to placing a calling with a Fire and Rescue Service was an identified recommendation within the report.

When you connect your two way radio system(s), smart multi mode/mobile devices and PC’s to alarm handling software, you can monitor and control emergency and non-emergency situations anytime, anywhere, 24/7 in real time. Radiocoms offer solutions that will link site critical alarms on single or multiple sites and remote location operations. Our flexible alarm monitoring software can be tailored to your organisations’ requirements to support operational and health & safety protocols.


How can you send an alarm notification
to your two way radio system or mobile device?

Once an alarm is activated, automated systems protocols are initialised, dispatching messages to predesignated users and devices such as two-way radios, mobile phones and even your email system. This will allow your employees to investigate the alarm and ascertain the level of emergency, preventing the need for a complete evacuation and the emergency services being called out unnecessarily.

The Alarm Handler Control System automatically dispatches messages to the right people, at the right time allowing an acknowledge, resolve and close response. The BMS software removes the dependency on control room operators to monitor alerts, allowing them to concentrate on other activities.

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Alarm Handling Features

Alarm handling features.

  • Remote system monitoring, including interaction with digital two-way radio
  • Comprehensive handling of multiple alarms and alerts, all delivered to your digital two-way radios, mobile phones, workstations and email
  • Total control of your security alarms and system alerts
  • Allows the first responder to investigate the alarm as soon as it happens
  • Delivered with pin-point accuracy and a discrete pre-alert to determine the cause and eliminate false alarms
  • Never miss a message – Three-stage escalation plan
  • No display, no problem – With voice alarm notifications
  • Quick Response Times – less downtime and increased productivity
  • The intelligent scheduler matches the scheduled worker competencies to those needed to respond to triggered alarms
  • The system prioritises alarms to optimise the use of available resources
  • Listens to alarms from multiple sources
  • Provides automated coverage 24/7

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