WAVE PTX Broadband Push-To-Talk
from Motorola Solutions

Connect your team with greater speed and efficiency using WAVE PTX, a push-to-talk (PTT) service that has no boundaries.

Motorola WAVE PTX (formally Motorola Solutions Wave OnCloud) provides a communications interoperability platform for push-to-talk between all your devices. Connect disparate networks such as land mobile two way radio, cellular, mobile phones Wi-Fi, telephony and more to WAVE’s platform for greater interoperability.

Whether on a smartphone device, a radio, a desktop pc, landline or any other communications device, your personnel can connect instantly.

What is WAVE PTX™ ?

How does WAVE work?
WAVE is a 4G / WIFI subscription-based group communication service that instantly
connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations.

Instant communication
Get the speed and simplicity of professional radio PTT communication with the
ability to share details via text, photo, video or file attachment.

Europe-wide service
Connect your professional radio system to WAVE and reach more team
members over a wider service area.

Predictable costs
No usage-based call charges mean costs are fixed, making it easy to manage your budget. Utilise your existing android or iPhone devices, add on MOTOTRBO two way radios or WAVE specific TLK devices.

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, WAVE PTX provides a predictable, low-cost per user subscription fee with no capital expense or long-term commitments. With a cloud-based deployment, you control the costs and know exactly how much you are spending.

WAVE PTX On Premise
Deployed within your secure IT network, you control all update and maintenance activity for your on-premises WAVE PTX deployment. Moreover, with an on-premises deployment you can provide interoperable PTT communications with your MOTOTRBO, DIMETRA or ASTRO 25 network.

Find out how WAVE can integrate with your existing communication systems.

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Motorola Solutions WAVE Case Study.

“WAVE is a tremendously powerful unified communications platform with a suite of applications
that makes it possible for teams of people, whether mobile or in their offices, to effectively communicate and collaborate.”

Lee Weatherley, Voice and Video Solutions Manager, British Airways.

Read the full case study here >

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