TRBOnet Dispatch System for
MOTOTRBO Two Way Radio Systems

TRBOnet Enterprise / TRBOnet Plus are feature-rich and robust dispatcher control room solution designed to work with MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems of any size and complexity.

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What is TRBOnet Dispatcher?

TRBOnet Dispatch Solutions comprises of a series of platforms which can be tailored to your exact functionality and budgetary requirements.

TRBOnet Enterprise / TRBOnet Plus is a feature-rich and robust control room solution designed to work with MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems of any size and complexity. This state-of-the-art IP-based dispatch system offers a wide choice of additional modules, which means that it can be tailored to individual requirements. The intuitive GUI greatly reduces learning time and allows operators to concentrate on tasks that matter. The IP nature of this product makes it extremely flexible and scalable, so your system can grow up with your requirements.

TRBOnet Enterprise / TRBOnet Plus Dispatchers are great solutions for MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus (LCP), IP SITE CONNECT and CONNECT PLUS. TRBOnet Enterprise / TRBOnet Plus provides integrated fully-featured control over single and multi-site or multi-channel systems by a direct or wireless interface with a MOTOTRBO network.

What are the TRBOnet Dispatcher Features?

TRBOnet GPS Tracking

TRBOnet GPS Tracking is one of the most popular features, along with Voice Dispatch and Recording. If your MOTOTRBO radio is equipped with the GPS module, it is able to send its location information across the radio network, which allows the dispatcher to see and track the users’ location on the map in TRBOnet Dispatch Console.

TRBOnet GPS Tracking Features:

Online GPS tracking
Historical logs
Store and Forward
Speed limit

TRBOnet Job Ticketing

TRBOnet Job Ticketing is an integrated task management system that allows the dispatcher to create, assign and track job tickets across the radio network. Tickets can be accepted or declined by subscriber units with one button click or by sending a predefined text message. Job statuses are customizable and can be adapted to the customer’s business.

TRBOnet Job Ticketing enables the Job Ticketing feature developed by Motorola for MOTOTRBO radios. Thus, this feature makes it possible for radio users to manage their tasks with simple predefined responses menu while the Management gets a very effective and user-friendly tool to control business processes.

The dispatcher creates a new ticket or a ticket based on an existing one in TRBOnet Job Ticketing Module. Thereafter a radio user receives a task which is displayed in the MOTOTRBO Job Tickets menu. The user can simply accept or reject the assigned ticket by using the standard menu options (Quick Reply for full display radios) and just sends the ‘Complete’ message to the Dispatcher when the job is done.

TRBOnet tracks the status of all tickets in real time and notifies a dispatcher if a ticket is overdue. The Management will always know who is working and on what, when the deadline is and how long the job actually took to accomplish. Job Ticketing is the solution for hotels, transportation, emergency services and other mission-critical enterprises.

TRBOnet Job Ticketing Features:

Available on SL radios and DP4000e series display radios
Real-time job ticket tracking
Job templates
Task control pane
Job tracking against a deadline

TRBOnet Guard Tour

TRBOnet Guard Tour, or Route Management, is an optional module enabling the dispatcher to create a route that one or more radio users have to follow at the correct intervals. Each route includes a number of checkpoints representing GPS locations or iBeacons. Failure to complete the route at the right time will trigger an alarm.

TRBOnet Guard Tour Features

indoor (iBeacon)
Outdoor (GPS)
Scheduled routes

TRBOnet Web Interface

TRBOnet Web Interface works with Any Browser, Any Operating System.

TRBOnet Enterprise and Plus are Windows-based applications. But what if you have a MacBook, or you just want to monitor your system using an Android tablet – is there any way to do it? Yes, you can log in to TRBOnet Server using our Web Interface.

TRBOnet Web Interface Features:

Any browser
GPS data
Text Messages
Job Ticketing
Custom Maps

TRBOnet Telemetry

TRBOnet Telemetry Remote features The dispatch centre is no longer just a communication bridge. With the TRBOnet telemetry features a dispatcher can remotely open and close gates, activate elevators and change the access rights at any time.

TRBOnet Telemetry Features:

MOTOTRBO telemetry
Enhanced telemetry
Configurable actions
Hardware integration

TRBOnet Mobile Client for Android and iOS

TRBOnet Mobile Client is a feature-rich push-to-talk application for Android and iOS that extends MOTOTRBO to smartphones and tablets. It works like a traditional console with the PTT capability and delivers essential information to the user’s Android or iOS device. The solution provides full integration of smartphones with MOTOTRBO radios over 3G. 4G or Wi-Fi. If you use TRBOnet Enterprise or TRBOnet Plus 5.2.5 or newer please download the latest update from Google Play or AppStore.

If you want to install the mobile client on an Android smartphone to work with version 5.2 or older, download the apk file below. Please remember that the latest mobile client software is not compatible with Enterprise or Plus 5.2 or older.

Download Links

Google Play
iOS - Apple

TRBOnet Telephone Interconnect

TRBOnet Telephone Interconnect is a purchasable module for MOTOTRBO radio systems. This is an entirely IP-based solution that allows radio users to place and receive radio calls. It supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for connection to VoIP telephony devices.

TRBOnet Telephone Interconnect Features:

Radio-phone calls
On-screen dial pad
Call transfer
Conditional forward
SIP trunk

TRBOnet Alarm Management

TRBOnet Alarm Management is a purchasable module for TRBOnet Enterprise. This is a comprehensive toolset for abnormal situation awareness and automated response actions.
Alarm Management helps you automate your daily tasks and deliver alerts from nearly any source to your MOTOTRBO radio, dispatchers, TRBOnet Mobile Client, email accounts or GSM phones.

TRBOnet Alarm Management Features

Daily Routine tasks
Sound alarms
Email/SMS alerts
GOB software

TRBOnet Voice Dispatcher

The TRBOnet Voice Dispatcher allows the dispatcher to place and receives different types of radio calls, such as private (individual), group or emergency calls. The computer-aided dispatch system has an intuitive user interface, enabling the dispatcher to concentrate on tasks that matter.
TRBOnet is suitable for all industries such as security, transportation, banks, ambulance or police; the dispatcher console will let you extend your system’s capacity and provide the required reliability and scalability.

TRBOnet Voice Dispatcher Features

RX / TX over multiple channels simultaneously
Selected/Unselected channels (right/left speakers)
Volume Control per channel
Passive Transmit ( voice is recorded before sending. System waits until channels become free)
Voice Mail (to offline radios)
Mute/Sole channel
Phone interconnect (SIP server required)
Emergency Calls
Canned Messages
Evacuation messages
Voice Recording

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