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SmartPTT Express is a flexible dispatch solution helping you to unlock the whole potential of DIMETRA radio system. In a single application, you will get a variety of voice services like different types of voice calls, voice recording capabilities, and both such data service as radio’s location information represented on a map. Supported DIMETRA™ platforms include Express, Compact, Micro, and X Core (with agreement from MSI).

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Using DIMETRA radio system and SmartPTT Express software, you can be sure in the reliability of your radio communications even in the most critical situations. Take a chance to secure and simplify everyday operations while reducing costs and complexity over the long term.


SmartPTT Express Features

Voice Dispatch
SmartPTT Express supports group, emergency, and individual calls. SmartPTT Express Dispatcher has a convenient workspace for several dozens of talk group, and can make simultaneous outgoing call with several talk groups using single voice radio channel (in case of regroupable mode is applied). To be focused on ongoing conversation the dispatcher can adjust volume level for selected talk group.

Emergency Management
Emergency calls and alarms, as well as prioritised calls, save those precious seconds, needed to successfully resolve an emergency. Any emergency in the system is accompanied with visual and audio indication on the dispatch console.

Custom Console
Modern and flexible user interface allows flexible adjustment of any element’s availability and arrangement. It is customised to every dispatcher needs increasing the speed of their work.

Voice Recording
Having a clear understanding of what happened during an incident helps give management an ability to optimise worker safety, production processes, and company profits. With SmartPTT Express Voice Recording feature, you get access to all required conversations, which will significantly fasten incidents investigations.

GPS Positioning
SmartPTT Express provides the exact location of the radio subscribers displayed on a map. Using GPS Positioning, dispatchers can make the decision to assign a task to the closest available worker. Rather than dispatching a worker ten miles away, a worker one mile away could be dispatched to the task. This reduces windshield time, thus being more efficient with your workers’ time, as well as reduces wasted gas and wear and tear on vehicles

SmartPTT SCADA extension for SmartPTT Express allows remotely control equipment and can automate many actions that could possibly be missed by a dispatcher. For example, if a water tank level is too low, SmartPTT Express can automatically turn on a pump to return the tank to the desired level.

Download Specifications PDF

Download the SmartPTT Express manufacturer’s specification PDF.

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