Two Way Radios for construction site(s).

The construction industry requires two way radios and a communication system that can withstand the rigours of day to day life on a building site yet maintain business-critical communications in and around the site. Providing reliable, clear and instant communication within the construction industry does cause a challenge –  Noisy and dusty construction environments, exposed to the elements, both indoor and out still require site managers to be able to communicate with and coordinate personnel, services, trades and subcontractors across the site.

The benefits of two way radios for construction sites.

In Construction, around 2.0 million working days (full day equivalent) were lost each year between 2016/17 and 2018/19 due to workplace injury (19%) and work-related illness (81%).
The annual average rate over the last five years in construction is around four times as high as the all industry rate.

Digital construction two-way radios enhance your construction site efficiency, safety and security, enabling swift communication across the entire site including:

Access and Security control
Adherence to Health & Safety Guidelines
Communication bridge for heavy machinery – bulldozers or cranes

Emergency communications e. g. fire evacuation
Live communication between individuals or groups
Lone Worker & Man Down Functions

How can Motorola Solutions two way radios increase efficiency, reduce cost
and help your construction site go green?

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Recommended two way radios for construction sites and builders.

Motorola EVX-s24 front view.

EVX S24 Two Way Radio

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Motorola DP1400 front.

DP1400 Two Way Radio

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ENTEL DX400 Series-no-keypad

DX400 Two Way Radio

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hytera pd605

PD605 Two Way Radio

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Working in the London Boroughs? Consider London ConnectOn.
The fail safe, mission-critical communications system for your construction site two way radios.


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