How can Motorola Solutions two way radios increase efficiency, reduce cost
and help your construction site go green?

With material costs increasing, profit margins decreasing and the battle for bids at an all-time high, construction contractors are looking for innovative ways to compete. As the economy continues to tighten, customers continue to demand lower costs, tighter schedules and even give preference to contractors who employ “green” construction services.

You understand that in order to stay competitive, you have to maximize the productivity, efficiency and safety of your work team. Real-world job sites bring hard knocks, dust, dirt, water, hazardous materials and temperature extremes—and plenty of noise. Motorola recognises this too and has designed a flexible array of two-way radios that fit the needs of construction professionals, whether you are a small contractor or a large, multi-site construction company. Powered by advanced Motorola technology, Motorola two-way radios, accessories, and advanced battery technology are ready to help
you respond to those challenges, increase your efficiency, lower your costs, and stay safe.

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How do construction sites communicate?

Versatile and powerful, Motorola two-way radios can help you respond to those challenges by helping you increase efficiency, safety and work crew productivity. Keeping your work crews in touch with instant communications and no monthly service fees, Motorola two-way radios minimize downtime and lower costs. Emergency features enhance worker safety. Noise-cancelling features deliver crystal clear audio, even in the noisiest environment.

The intrinsically safe design allows communications in locations where flammable gas and combustible dust may be present. And better battery technology extends battery life throughout long shifts. Staying competitive means maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost.s Businesses around the country are currently wrestling with the ongoing economic challenges, probably more so in the construction industry.

Staying competitive and keeping the operation moving forward requires the ability maximize productivity and minimize costs. This means the ability to monitor and coordinate work crews, whether on a single site or over multiple sites. It means reacting quickly to last minute changes. It means hearing clear voice messages, even in the noisy environment of a busy construction site. It means minimizing downtime by keeping your work crews safe. And it means maintaining instant contact with your work crews to avoid material waste or construction mistakes.

The case for two-way radios.

A common thread that links these challenges together is the need for effective communication. Motorola’s flexible portfolio of two-way radios and accessories offers a range of communication solutions that meet your unique needs and help you cut through the communication obstacles you face on a daily basis. Radio accessories enable hands-free operation for greater task efficiency, audio that can be heard over loud machinery, and batteries that last throughout a work shift.

Whether your operation involves general industrial construction, commercial and residential construction; infrastructure projects like roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels; or you are an electrical, plumbing, carpentry, or HVAC professional, Motorola has the right-sized and right-featured radio for your unique business.

Each radio family offers a cost-effective solution over “pay as you go” technology with no service fees and no dependence upon cell tower location. Each radio is designed to withstand the challenges of a construction site, including intrinsically safe radios that can operate in hazardous environments and rugged radios that can withstand weather extremes.

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Two way radio options for small, independent construction contractors.

The DP1400 Series portable mobile radios and EVX – S24 two way radios keep your projects on track through better coordination of foremen, subcontractors and individual tradespeople. Address the daily challenges of worker safety. Meet the pressure to finish projects faster, avoid costly mistakes and protect your profit margins.

With Motorola’s DP1400 and EXX S24 radios, contractors get the seven essential elements of solid two-way communications – value, reliability, ease of use, audio quality, small size, programmable, and battery life. Add to that Motorola’s rugged design built to hold up under the most demanding conditions, and you have two-way radio communications that make your job easier. Affordable and easy to use, the two radios provide the communication tool you need to meet deadlines, avoid errors and keep costs within budget.

Two way radio for small, independent construction contractors
Two way radio options for mid-sized construction contractors

Two-way radio options for mid-sized construction teams and contractors.

The Motorola DP2000e series of two-way radios are ideal for mid-size contractors and construction operations. Providing simple yet high performing functionality, the radios’ streamlined features keep you in touch with your work crews and your work crews in touch with each other. With signalling capabilities, customisable function buttons and a large front-projecting speaker, these ruggedised radios give you virtually everything you need to keep the job moving forward at maximum efficiency.

With a variety of powerful battery options, rapid rechargers, audio accessories and carry cases you can further enhance communications and improve productivity. Find out more about the MOTOTRBO DP2400e and DP2600e Series >

Two-way radio for large operations and
multiple sites.

Whether you need to put more workers on the system, ensure longer battery life to keep your team in contact throughout an extended shift, or need to access integrated data applications, the MOTOTRBO DP4000e Series of two way radios enables a smooth, phased migration to digital technology.

Increased calling capacity on a single license: Two virtual channels within a single 12.5 kHz licensed repeater channel allow you to double the calling capacity for the price of one license without a second repeater and without interference from nearby radio users.
Integrated voice and data: MOTOTRBO portable and mobile radios put the power of voice and data, such as text messaging and GPS, into a single device to make it easy for your construction crew to stay connected and safe. Connection with further technologies such as WAVE PTX  to connect disparate networks for greater interoperability.
• IP Site Connect: Communicate instantly with your work teams on the other side of the construction site or across town. IP Site Connect links up to 15 sites to overcome distance as well as physical obstructions – extending the communication reach of your work team

Two-way radio for large operations and multiple construction sites

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