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At Radiocoms, our customers enjoy incredible long-term analogue and digital two-way radio hire rate discounts.

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What are the benefits of Two Way Radio Hire from Radiocoms Systems Ltd?

Two Way Radio hire can offer an instant and effective route to onsite, wide area or global communications for your team(s). At Radiocoms, our customers enjoy incredible long-term analogue and digital two-way radio hire rate discounts. As a result, our hire team will always endeavour to provide the lowest hire rates possible for our well-maintained hire fleet. Radiocoms’ two-way radio hire department has seen significant growth over the past decade and now has over 9,000 hand portable two-way radios. In addition to vehicle mobile radios, desktop base stations, repeaters and accessories in its fleet. Radiocoms’ two-way radio hire fleet consists predominantly of Motorola and Hytera Analogue and Digital comms hire radio equipment. In recent years, Radiocoms has invested over £3 million to ensure its hire fleet stays technically up to date and meets customers’ demands.

What are the benefits of two way radio hire from Radiocoms Systems Ltd?

  • Convenient – Quick and easy to arrange you have equipment the same or next working day.
  • No capital outlay – There is no outlay, the cost is equally spread throughout your hire term.
  • No maintenance costs –All equipment is provided by our service exchange policy; therefore, should a product fail we will dispatch a direct replacement. Should it be a fault on a radio system which involves infrastructure we will dispatch a field radio engineer.
  • Only pay when you actually need them.
  • No requirement for you to own an Ofcom licence – You will be covered under our own personal, OFCOM hire frequencies to ensure you have complete privacy during your two way radio hire period.
  • Full Package – Every hire two-way radio we supply you will be complete with a long life, lightweight lithium-ion battery, belt clips, carry case (optional) and charger options.
  • All of our repeaters are supplied with a suitable antenna for your location & coverage requirements, a battery back-up system and a lockable cabinet/rack (if required).
  • Any infrastructure such as repeater base stations or fixed mobiles can be installed by our trained, field engineers into buildings, vehicles/ cranes with the required mounting to ensure safety.

Who can benefit from two way radio hire?

Radiocoms have worked with a multitude of organisations offering long term hire solutions which include:

  • Construction Teams
  • Road and Rail Teams
  • Security Teams
  • Retail Centres and Shops
  • Logistics & Distribution Teams
  • Factories & Manufacturing Plants
  • Aviation & Airline Teams
  • Ground Handlers
  • Utilities, Waste & Recycling Teams
  • Local Government including – Parking, Security and Office Teams

Who have Radiocoms Systems hired two way radio communications to?

In 2012 Radiocoms was awarded a prestigious contract to provide over 4,500 analogue radios to LOCOG for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Most recently we have rolled out long term two way radio hire contracts with American Airlines / G4S / BA.

Two Way Radio Hire for Congested Areas of Use

If your area of operation, such as London City centre be deemed too congested for safe radio frequency operation we may advise you apply for an Ofcom licence. Consequently, radio licence may need to be factored to ensure clear and concise communications.

When hiring two-way radios you do not have to have your own Ofcom licence, instead, customers can utilise our standard UK hire frequency licence.

As a result, our expert hire team will advise you on the best frequency usage before the hire commences. 

Looking for a London City Wide Radio System to Hire? Consider the London ConnectOn System – Find Out More Here>

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Two Way Radio Products Available to Hire

Our fleet of two-way radio equipment includes:

A range of MOTOTRBO and Hytera repeaters to increase coverage areas



Hytera RD965 Repeater

Hytera RD985(S) Repeater









Hytera PD605

Hytera PD665

Hytera PD685

Hytera PD715Ex

Hytera PD795Ex

Motorola TLK100

Hytera PNC550 PoC

Entel DN400 PoC

PTTi PoC Devices

Hytera VM780

Hytera VM685

Hytera VM550D

Hytera VM550

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