Tait Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)
Voice and Data Applications

Tait DMR Radio Systems

Tait communications have been providing critical communications solutions for 50 years. Tait designs, manufactures, deploys and supports a wide range of analogue and digital land mobile radio products and systems. We stand by their quality, integrating, testing and optimising everything we sell.

Part of their range includes DMR in both the Tier 2 and tier 3 formats. Tait has focused on DMR tier 3 as the ideal replacement for analogue trunked radio networks.

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Tait Communications Device Portfolio

Tait DMR Portables

Multiple Colour Options Available To Suit Your Needs - Black, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green

Tait TP3 Series Two Way Radios

Tait TP9310 Two Way Radios

Tait TP9355 Two Way Radios

Tait TP9360 Two Way Radios

Tait TP9361 IS Two Way Radios (Blue Only)

Tait DMR Mobiles

Multiple Colour Options Available To Suit Your Needs - Black, Yellow, Green

TM9355 Graphical Control Head Mobile


TM9355 Hand Held Control Head Mobile 

TM9315 Two Digit Display Mobile


Tait DMR Base Stations

TB9300 Base Station Repeater



TB7300 Base Station Repeater



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