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Kenwood entered the professional two-way market in 1978 and in 2001 released its first digital two-way radio transceiver operating on the P25 protocol.

By 2008, having jointly developed the NXDN™ digital protocol, Kenwood launched the NEXEDGE® advanced digital two-way radio system winning the prestigious Federation of Communications Services Gerald David OBE Innovation in Business Radio Award in 2010. To date, there are over 2 million NEXEDGE® and NEXEDGE® ATEX certified devices in use with thousands of customers across hundreds of applications, from Mission Critical Public Safety to Business & Industry in over 160 countries.

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Innovative multi-protocol solutions.

In line with its technology and protocol neutral stance, Kenwood’s digital line-up has been significantly expanded and now includes the revolutionary. The NX-3000 Series brings dual FDMA and TDMA technology, multi-protocol DMR, NEXEDGE NXDN capability and unsurpassed interoperability to a wide variety of applications as it supports analogue FM and two different digital protocols concurrently in a single radio.

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What do we mean by multi-protocol radio and
how does it future-proof your two-way radio communications?

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License Free TK-3501 hand portable.

The TK-3501 is a lightweight, IP54 and US MIL-STD standard-compliant license-free PMR446 UHF transceiver, at just 25.5mm* thick it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Drawing on Kenwood’s expertise as an audio specialist, the TK-3501 offers crisp, clear audio resulting in dependable communications even in harsh operating conditions. Features include:

  • 16 channels PMR446 8 frequencies 16ch (tones)
  • Power-saving design = longer operation
  • Self-programming

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Low Tier DMR – Kenwood NX-1000 hand portables.

The NX-1000 Series radios offer an entry level solution offers the widest selection of two-way radios for everyday use. Features include:

  • Basic and keypad variations
  • 7-colour LED indicator
  • Mixed-mode operation for staggered migration

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kenwood nx-1000 series
kenwood nx-3000 series

Mid/High Tier – NX-3000
hand portable and mobile series.

The NX-3000 Series offers future-proof flexibility with support for both NXDN and DMR digital protocols as well as FM analogue – all in a single radio. A desired digital protocol can be selected, giving you the freedom to migrate to digital at your own pace. Features include:

  • Integrated GPS for location management
  • Text messaging
  • Bluetooth®
  • Over-the-air programming (OTAP) and over-the-air alias (OAA)

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Kenwood TKR-D710 / TKR-810 repeaters.

The Kenwood DMR range of digital base station / repeaters offer the capability to accommodate more channels or user groups and operate across a longer range or wider area in a cost effective communications infrastructure for single-site/local area applications. They share benefits of digital radio communications in providing increased range, improved sound quality and advanced security capabilities. Features include:

  • 6 backlit programmable functions keys
  • Call interruption
  • Inter-site voice/Data message call
  • 10 console connections / 100 groups
  • Encryption pass-through

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Kenwood TKR-D710 / 810 repeater

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