Local and Central Government security, safety and operational enhancing
two way radio and communication solutions.

For 47 years Radiocoms have partnered with the public sector, supporting them with our portfolio to offer a range of robust and customisable voice, video and data
communication solutions that address evolving and adapting public sectors requirements.

A reliable and collaborative communications platform can be instrumental in bringing multi-departmental teams closer together in real-time,
transforming operation stability and supporting you in times of emergency. Combining our public sector account managers and engineering expertise will help you tackle
and overcome your challenges, to create a stable technology platform that evolves as your team does.

Our local & central government solutions.

Depending on the solutions chosen you could benefit from

An easy to use communication device
Clear audio even in noisy environments
Caller ID and panic/emergency call functions

GPS Tracking to enhance security
Inter-site communications
Job ticketing

Off site/remote connectivity
Site-wide coverage
Security notifications

Crown Commercial Service Supplier

Our portfolio of voice, video and data communication products, solutions, technical support, maintenance and repair services
are available through Crown Commercial Service Network Services 3 RM6116 Framework.

Recommended two way radio, communication
solutions and support.

Restricted budgets are always a cause of concern, however, when demonstrated local and central government teams have seen first hand how digital voice & data communications equipment can transform their system stability, risk mitigation and ultimately providing them with a mission-critical solution which is future proof. Adaptability and integration are at the core of any communications system Radiocoms designs giving connection to other workplace equipment & interfaces.


Robust Two Way
and Mobile Radio

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Body Worn

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Broadband push
to talk (BBPTT)

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Managed and
Support Services

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Software applications. Enhancing your radio system.

Through Software Application Partners, Radiocoms Systems support a cost-effective portfolio of system enhancing applications to assist your central or local government departments operational goals – lone worker, alarm handling and job ticketing streamline efficiency whilst aligning with operational procedures, assisting in industry compliance and ultimately creating a safer work environment.

Who do we work with.

BIDS and town centre management
Central government departments
Cleaning services
Fire and public services
Facilities management

Park and garden management
Local government departments
Parking enforcement
Waste management

Client Stories

Discover how this product has transformed the operations for some of our customers.

Local government two way radios

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