Hytera HyTalk Hosted Communications Solutions.

Hytera HyTalk is a new hosted subscription service that creates wide area radio coverage over a nationwide service through LTE, 3G and Wi-fi. Give your team real time insights and support in mission and business critical scenarios with devices such as the PoC PNC370 to multimode devices such as the PTC680 and PDC760. 

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Discover the benefits of the cloud-based
Hytera Hy talk.

Centralised management, logging and tracking
A web-based dispatch console supports fleet management, whilst a recording system creates a timeline and history for post event reviews.

Privacy and security
Organisation based VPN settings keep your voice and data communications safe and encrypted.

Supporting your cloud journey
Eliminate costly IT infrastructure overheads with Hytera Hytalk Software as a Service (SaaS), powered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in ISO/IEC 27001:2013 data centres.

Budget friendly
You only pay for the resources you have, allowing you scale up or down when required.

Hytera Hytalk can help overcome operational challenges.

Enhance collaboration
With HyTalk you are able to leverage all ways of messaging, audio and video communications allowing employees to share information anytime, anywhere.

Remotely manage and update users
Push out instant over-the-air updates on group and user configurations without having to recall devices.

Presence and location awareness
Display real-time on-duty statuses and track employee locations via GPS enabled devices to support localised and nationwide responses.

Support safety KPI’s
Everything and everyone is connected, supporting critical circumstances and putting your employees safety at the heart of everything you do.

Support you organisation with the right communications platform to help your people and teams perform at their best. Connect with Radiocoms today to discuss your business challenges, and discover the benefits of Hytera HyTalk.

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Download the Hytera HyTalk manufacturer’s specification PDF.

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