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Today, cloud-based solutions such as Broadband Push-to-Talk (BBPTT) over cellular and mission critical BBPTT (MCBBPTT) are being designed to meet the specific operational requirements of both the private and public sector in order to create the right balance between functionality requirements, performance and affordability.

Share information. Track locations. Send emergency alerts.

For improved productivity and efficiency many organisations are adopting Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) devices and software solutions (android/iPhone) over 3G/4G/Wi-Fi and LTE to provide instant communications (wide area/national coverage or international connectivity.)

With a range of feature rich functions such as push to talk, push to video and emergency messaging employees have greater situational awareness. When combined with other data sources such as the command-and-control centre monitoring tool, the analytics produced can help support measurable, clearer, and better decision making.

With end-to-end security and servers housed in UK, ISO27001 accredited data centres, you can be assured that your BBPTT / PoC radio solution will have full resiliency.

Low set up costs. Subscription based.

Through varying forms of BBPTT Radiocoms has supported organisations as they addressed structural changes and business continuity plans whilst tailoring solutions to integrate with BOYD policies giving the flexibility to adapt and scale device management.

More ways to communicate.

Secure instant communication between varying cellular devices across different manufacturers and create a connection into your two way radio system, speeding up responses and improving workforce efficiency.

Explore your path to a new communications infrastructure.

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For improved productivity and efficiency many organisations are adopting Push-To-Talk over 3G/4G/Wi-Fi networks which provides instant communications with wide area/national coverage or international connectivity.

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Push to Talk POC-IT Dispatcher Software allows users of PoC (push to talk over cellular) Systems to communicate, message, track and provide customer support services/management services from a central location.

Insight – Where does BBPTT technology fit and how can it support business resilience?

Technology has played a critical role during the pandemic. With a new set of limitations never experienced before, organisations of all shapes and sizes faced and continue to face unique challenges. In this article Richard Webb from Airsys.Cloud discusses BBPTT and how it can now claim to be business critical.


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Broadband Push to Talk client stories.

With its proven track record in technology diversity, Radiocoms Systems Ltd is leading the way with the deployment of BBPTT and Push to talk over cellular (PoC) devices and apps across various verticals.


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