MOTOTRBO™ Capacity Max

If you need to communicate to a large field force across a wide area with a scalable, easy-to-use system, then MOTOTRBO Capacity Max is your cost-effective solution. You can move on your own terms – one talk group or department at a time – and spread out the cost of new equipment as your budget allows.

Capacity Max is a highly secure encrypted system. It offers traffic encryption and subscriber authentication, and Subscriber Access Control (SAC) to define the services available to each user. The CMSS itself is a locked-down appliance, only configurable via the Radio Management application. It is inaccessible to malicious software and intrusion.

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High capacity, coverage and control.

Leveraging advanced repeater software, it is available in both single-site and wide-area configurations. Whether teams need to talk to each other in the field or back at the office or they need to use data applications such as text messaging, location tracking or work order tickets, Motorola Solutions cap max makes their work safer and their workday more productive.

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MOTOTRBO capacity max features.

Centralised Management
Capacity Max gives you centralised control of everything you need to manage your system. System management software gives you command of infrastructure, devices and talk groups, all organized in a logical way to make you more efficient and effective. Updating and upgrading is easier too, with processes for pushing out software and firmware patches to the system server, infrastructure and radios.

High Security
Security is a core component of the Cap Max trunked radio system. All voice, data and control traffic within the IP network is encrypted, and all radios are securely authenticated. You can even remotely disable and re-enable a device if it is misplaced or stolen.

Easy Migration
Capacity Max fits seamlessly into existing MOTOTRBO systems, allowing you to easily transition to Capacity Max via a simple, software update.

High Resiliency
Capacity Max has many layers of redundancy, so that no single failure can bring your system down. Optional redundant controllers, IP switches and site repeaters can be equipped. You can also provision a second control channel per site for ultra-high system availability.

Increased Capacity
MOTOTRBO Capacity Max makes it easy for you to grow your system as your needs evolve. A system can support up to 250 sites with up to 3,000 users per site. Up to six additional data repeaters per site support intensive text and data use, GPS, SCADA and Alarm Management. Compatible with our wide portfolio of MOTOTRBO radios, you have the flexibility to tailor the solution to your operations.

DMR Tier III Compliant
The system supports all the innovative features you’d expect from MOTOTRBO, from advanced location tracking to long text messaging and enhanced security. For customers who need a system that supports other vendors’ radios, Capacity Max can be run in DMR Tier III “Interoperability” mode with these features disabled.

Download Specifications PDF

Download the MOTOTRBO™ Capacity Max manufacturer’s specification PDFs.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max Radio System
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