Hytera Repeater Base Stations -
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Hytera Analogue and Digital Radio Repeaters

Improve your voice and data radio communication coverage and eliminate dead spots with a Hytera repeater base station.

Comprising of four models and available on either a UHF or VHF frequency band a Hytera DMR repeater will extend the coverage footprint of your Hytera digital radio system and boost the capacity of your system.

A two way radio DMR digital repeater can be installed at an elevated height such as a roof area (IP boxes provided for external locations) and connected to an antenna system so it can receive weak signals and create a wider coverage area. A repeater base station can extend your communication range of a low-power handheld radio from an enclosed area to hundreds of miles, or even worldwide.

Hytera repeater base stations are sometimes linked together to further extend the range of communication for your team. This can be done via cabling, a radio link or network using digital technology. Features vary on every Hytera repeater base station from integrated data applications to analogue and digital migration capabilities.

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Hytera RD625 Repeater

Designed specifically to provide reliable radio coverage in buildings and large sites the Hytera RD625 repeater base station operates in digital or analogue mode to improve your communication range.

Fail-safe Communication

Provide a fail-safe radio signal by connecting the repeater to a 12v battery in addition to the normal supply of power. If the AC supply fails, the RD625 switches automatically to battery backup

Download the full manufacturers specification here.

Hytera RD965 Repeater

The Hytera RD965 was the first digital/analogue repeater base station suitable for outdoor use.

Compact and lightweight, the device can deployed quickly and carried in a rucksack (optional), mounted on a wall or installed in an equipment rack.


Enabling location based services via a separate antenna to improve safety and control.

Download the full manufacturers specification here.

Hytera RD985(S) Repeater

The Hytera RD985 digital repeater is the heart of a multi-site conventional analogue or digital radio network. Offering innovative design and reliability, this repeater delivers excellent coverage with up to 50W power.

The higher powered Hytera RD985S (100W) is an impressive digital systems repeater. It can be used in DMR trunked radio systems (Tier III), DMR simulcast and Hytera XPT systems.

Download the full manufacturers specification here.

Hytera E Pack Ad-Hoc Repeater

The Hytera E-pack repeater can be used as a radio to make and receive calls, and also creates a wireless mobile ad-hoc network to route voice.

Fast Deployment

Based on wireless mobile ad-hoc networking, Hytera E-pack is capable of creating and joining networks to deploy the communication system as soon as it is powered on.

Download the full manufacturers specification here.


London ConnectOn - DMR Tier III

Alarm Handling for Radio Systems

Job Ticketing/Work for Radio Systems

Voice Recording for Radio Systems

Lone Worker for Hytera Radios


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