What is the London ConnectON Hytera DMR III Radio System?

CONNECTON LONDON London ConnectOn from Radiocoms Systems Ltd is a unique and resilient technology that is revolutionising how organisations communicate in London through a Hytera DMR Tier III trunked radio communications system.

The London ConnectOn communications platform is a highly versatile wide-area radio network, designed for both private and public commercial users with options to hire or purchase the hand portable radios alongside your airtime.

  • No costly London OFCOM licence fees or lengthy waiting times
  • No expensive infrastructure costs
  • Wide area coverage across London – ideal for widely dispersed teams
  • A resilient solution that is active in the event of an emergency situation
  • Airtime available on both hire & purchase contracts – no minimum contract

It is an ideal solution for organisations operating across the London boroughs who require advanced, instantaneous, secure, reliable and clear digital communications. In addition, the DMR tier 3 system can be extended into basements and other typical low cellular network coverage zones. The vast majority of personnel working in London will utilise a mobile phone for business-critical operations as part of their corporate health & safety policy, their daily work and personal communications. Fail-safe, mission critical communications is a system or plan that comes into operation in the event of something going wrong or that is in place to prevent such an occurrence. The London based network of ConnectOn delivers user management and dedicated support specifically to meet your demands on an affordable airtime tariff basis, revolutionising the way your employees communicate.

What are the benefits of the London ConnectOn Tier three DMR radio communications platform?

  • Increased Efficiency – Wide-area coverage of this solution is delivered by 3 strategic London locations, ensures your employees are always connected, day to day and in an emergency.
  • Digital Devices – You can choose to utilisie the latest Hytera digital handsets available as part of the fixed price package, or integrate the system into your existing devices.
  • Network Management  – Your Hytera London ConnectOn fleet is managed by our team to ensure your staff are always connected, there is no costly infrastructure to install.
  • One Price Fits All – Our clear and fixed pay-as-you-go airtime tariff allows you to efficiently manage your overheads.
  • Increased Operational Reliability – The Hytera DMR III system infrastructure behind London ConnectOn intelligently manages radio traffic, and will dynamically control your radio service based on your location across the city to maximise voice clarity and response.

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What are the functions of the London ConnectOn Hytera DMR Tier 3 System?

Hytera PD685 London ConnectOn Radio You can utilise a number of Hand portables and mobiles from the Hytera two way radio portfolio for example the Hytera PD600 Series, Hytera PD700 Series and Hytera X1e and X1p Series are all compatible with this DMR tier 3 system. You have options to either Hire or Purchase alongside your low cost airtime.

This ETSI (The European Telecommunications Standards Institute) approved radio solution offers a host of benefits to the users including:

• AES256 encryption
• Call alert
• Emergency call/alarm
• Individual/Broadcast/ Group/Status call
• Remote monitor / Radio disable/enable
• Radio check
• GPS tracking
• Voice recording
• ESN check
• Telemetry for integration with building management systems

How can the London ConnectOn Hytera DMR III assist with Cellular Overload?

Hytera PD Radio and Mobile Phone London ConnectOn Radio

Should there be major incident within London, cellular networks can become overloaded as all mobile phone users attempt to make text and phone calls to work colleagues and personal contacts. One of the first indicators of a network becoming overloaded is a sudden increase in the number of conversations cut off and dropped calls. During festive celebrations and major incidents, network overloads can be a major factor to consider when determining if your communications can remain operational.

  • Could your business operate with no communications?
  • Would it lose money if you cannot communicate?
  • Is it a health and safety risk of you cannot communicate effectively and reliably?

Maybe you haven’t considered these factors or maybe you have already encountered such a scenario and have been unsure how to resolve the problem. Radiocoms Systems Ltd based in London have the solution for you.

Why is London ConnectOn being chosen as a Critical Communications tool?

  • If your business is reliant on communications to fulfil its duties, can you be sure that when you need it most they will be fully operational?
  • Do you have a backup solution to sustain a continuous flow of information?
  • How safe will your staff be if they cannot communicate in a timely manner?

These are just some of the questions that you should be considering when developing your critical communications strategy. Users in dense areas of radio traffic who are in need of multiple site coverage and a dedicated network for key users, who operate with many employees in high risk environments, and need reliable digital radio communication with enhanced functionality.

Companies who require their staff to always remain in contact with instant communication to ensure their safety and wellbeing or improve operational efficiency. Especially those working in areas of dense radio traffic, over multiple sites and locations who may struggle with current radio or mobile signal.Whether you’re a site manager who needs to key up a priority call, a lone worker requiring an emergency alarm or man down function, or even a dispatcher with multiple groups of colleagues on the road, London ConnectOn can keep your communications flowing across London.

Which industries could benefit from this intelligent, resilient communications system?

  • Transportation – Highways agencies, contractors, coaches, taxis, couriers and logistics.
  • Utilities – Electricity, Gas, Water and Renewable.
  • Commercial Organisations – News Channels, Hotels, Facilities Management, Retail, Construction.
  • Public Services – Education, Waste Services, Parking Enforcement & Building Management.
  • Critical Security Sector – Events, Private & Personal Security, Patrol, Guarding.

What are the costs for the London ConnectOn System?

For such a service you may be expecting the cost to be high, however, our pricing is comparable to a user taking a high-end mobile phone contract out so you can be assured that there will not be any large capital outlay or financial hurdles to enjoying business critical 99.5% uptime communications. Our advice is simple, Stay connected with ConnectON.

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