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Do you have fail-safe mobile communications?

The vast majority of personnel working in London will use a mobile phone for business-critical operations as part of their corporate health & safety policy, their daily work and personal communications. Fail-safe communications is a system or plan that comes into operation in the event of something going wrong or that is in place to prevent such an occurrence.

Cellular Overload

Should there be major incident within London, cellular networks can become overloaded as all mobile phone users attempt to make text and phone calls to work colleagues and personal contacts. One of the first indicators of a network becoming overloaded is a sudden increase in the number of conversations cut off, also called dropped calls. During festive celebrations and major incidents, network overloads can be a major factor to consider when determining if your communications can remain operational.

Critical Communications

  • If your business is reliant on communications to fulfil its duties, can you be sure that when you need it most they will be fully operational?
  • Do you have a backup solution to sustain a continuous flow of information?
  • How safe will your staff be if they cannot communicate in a timely manner?

These are just some of the questions that you should be considering when developing your critical communications strategy.

No Communications

  • Could your business operate with no communications?
  • Would it lose money if you cannot communicate?
  • Is it a health and safety risk of you cannot communicate effectively and reliably?

Maybe you haven’t considered these factors or maybe you have already encountered such a scenario and have been unsure how to resolve the problem.

The Solution is Simple, The Solution is ConnectON

ConnectOn is a Tier III DMR two-way radio network, with 3 Aerial sites covering Central London at secure sites, providing a fail-safe 99.5% uptime guarantee.

For those who may see two-way radios as old technology, this is not the case, with the evolution of digital two-way radios and software applications, two-way radio solutions can become an integral part of your day to day, critical communications plan.

ConnectON System Coverage

Our two-way radio system has been placed in the high-density areas of central London and provides comprehensive coverage. In addition, the system could be extended into basements and other typical low cellular network coverage zones.

ConnectON Pricing

For such a service you may be expecting the cost to be high, however, our pricing is comparable to a user taking a high-end mobile phone contract out so you can be assured that there will not be any large capital outlay or financial hurdles to enjoying business critical 99.5% uptime communications.

Our advice is simple, Stay connected with ConnectON

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