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Motorola Solutions Body Worn Cameras (formally Edesix) have been proven to empower front-line teams to take control. When unexpected situations arise, the potential to capture and share real-time video increases situational awareness.

The Body Worn videos are robust, secure, user-friendly and are relied upon by Police, Prison Services, Retailers, Hospitality, Security Teams and Emergency Services workers globally.



Take control of the situation with real-time, body worn devices.

Capture Evidence.
The presence of a body-worn camera often helps to calm difficult encounters. Simply press record to capture high-quality video evidence, reassure and protect staff.

Respond Faster.
Automatically share video and audio with centralised teams over Wi-Fi for faster and smarter incident response.

Demonstrate Accountability.
Empower customer-facing staff to prove their professionalism or innocence when confronted by contentious allegations. Body-worn cameras capture irrefutable video and audio evidence.

Push to Stream Alerting.
Press record to send an instant alert to the control room for faster incident response and better protection.

Complements existing CCTV.
Capture video and audio from the wearer’s viewpoint to support fixed CCTV footage and empower your team to see the bigger picture.

Video manager advanced media, device and user management software.
VideoManager enhances the capabilities of Motorola Solutions’ body-worn video cameras via a seamless, intuitive and highly configurable software experience. Customisable roles and device profiles control system access and audit logs provide the all-important evidence trails.

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