Healthcare two way radios and body worn devices.

Healthcare two way radios and body worn devices are crucial tools for safeguarding lone workers and enhancing efficiency in the healthcare industry. In hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and other healthcare settings, many workers operate alone, increasing their vulnerability and isolation. By utilising healthcare-specific two way radios and body worn devices, these workers can stay connected and receive immediate assistance in case of emergencies or threats.

Moreover, when these devices are equipped with purpose-built applications that can greatly improve outcomes. By enabling seamless communication and providing real-time access to essential information, these applications help healthcare teams make informed decisions and reduce the burden of paperwork. With the wealth of data at their fingertips, healthcare workers can streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration, and deliver better care to patients.

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Benefits of radio and body worn devices in Healthcare.

The connection between teams is imperative in a healthcare setting. Working alongside NHS Trusts, Care Homes and Healthcare Workers, Radiocoms have helped create collaboration between radio communication solutions, body worn cameras and software solutions that provide unity and visibility.

Multi service solutions can bring together every team member, offering cost savings with one solution.

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Two-way radio and body worn camera communication solutions


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Get the right remedy to achieve better outcomes
with integrated healthcare communication solutions.

Providers must put proper security measures and communication systems in place to handle crisis prevention and crisis management.
When they do, safety is strengthened, your organisation can achieve better outcomes.


Software applications. Enhancing your radio system.

Through Software Application Partners, Radiocoms Systems support a cost-effective portfolio of system enhancing applications to create an integrated healthcare communication solution and assist your organisation in meeting operational goals – lone worker, alarm handling and job ticketing streamline efficiency whilst aligning with operational procedures, assisting in industry compliance and ultimately creating a safer work environment.

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