Schools, Colleges and University Two Way Radio and Communication Solutions.

The risk environment within education has significantly changed over the past ten years, and it is essential that you are always prepared for the ‘what if’’ scenario. Therefore, when an emergency or false alarm occurs on site your staff, pupil and visitor safety is of paramount importance.

The HSE reported in 2019/2020 that 55,000 cases of non-fatal work-related injury within the education sector involved 24% with over three days of absence and 19% of over seven days. Failing to follow the appropriate regulations within your school, college & university can negatively impact your operational and safety goals whilst sometimes leading to costly fines. Teachers, Security Teams, Facilities Managers and Administrators all need to ensure a rapid, coordinated response to any situation using technology that is within their budget.

Giving you visibility of everything they do, and through regular reviews, Radiocoms will help you with your strategic security planning
to ensure a return on investment.

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Increased Cyber Security.

Your radio communications network infrastructure is a key target. Radiocoms will ensure any risk of significant disruption is eliminated. All radio and software solutions are encrypted.

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Improved Compliance.

We will ensure you are meeting your industry guidelines & regulations. If you have advanced educational compliance requirements, we can help you achieve them.

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Faster Detection & Threats.

By connecting your radio system, bodycams, CCTV, fire alarms, lockdown procedures and much more you will have a robust, cohesive communications system that staff can control and access remotely.

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We have worked with educational establishments of all sizes from primary schools to multi site university campuses.
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Teams we support & work with.

Schools, Colleges and University two-way radio enable instant communication between individuals and user groups
across schools, colleges or universities

Administration staff
Bus drivers
Cleaning services
Catering staff

Maintenance staff
Teaching staff
Welfare staff

Recommended Schools, Colleges and University two way radio solutions.

Today’s voice and data radio communication solutions are designed to adapt to the way your school, college & university works. By adopting additional managed and support services Radiocoms will align with your process, ultimately reshaping the way you operate.

mototrbo dp4800e front

DP4800(1)e Two Way Radio

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mototrbo dp4600e front

DP4600(1)e Two Way Radio

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hytera pd685

PD685(G) Two Way Radio

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hytera pd365

PD365 Two Way Radio

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Software applications. Enhancing your Schools, Colleges or University two way radio system.

Through Software Application Partners, Radiocoms Systems support a cost-effective portfolio of system enhancing applications. By giving connection to other workplace equipment & interfaces such as alarm management, CCTV, software apps, smartphones, tablets, GPS tracking and body cams, you can create a communications solution that is adaptable, offers monetary benefits and assists you in meeting guidelines.


Budgets and compliance can be challenging for the public sector when tackling procurement. Sourcing products and services through a framework agreement offers a compliant route for procurement exercises, whilst helping to save time and money.
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