Solution for remote equipment control and asset management at industrial facilities.

How can SmartPTT SCADA help your organisation?

SmartPTT SCADA is a SmartPTT dispatch software extension for remote equipment control and asset management.

SmartPTT SCADA combines capacities of SCADA/IIoT systems and dispatch software for professional radio systems, and enables to raise efficiency of business processes management at the enterprises.

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Why use SmartPTT SCADA?

The solution enables to raise efficiency of business processes management with remote equipment control and corresponding staff coordination.

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Full potential of SCADA system in your SmartPTT dispatch console

Simultaneous Control

  • Simultaneous control of a large amount of facilities with visualization on the map and on SmartPTT custom console
  • Real-time equipment monitoring using a set of widgets (gauges, bars, indicators, boards, graphs and so on)
  • Remote equipment control using a set of control buttons

Resource Consumption

  • Accounting for resource consumption
  • Notifications to the dispatcher about problems
  • Informing responsible persons about emergency situations – message on radio, on mobile or on email
  • Historical trends of equipment performance and event logging

Customised User Interface

To conform to the dispatcher’s needs and requirements and to increase their work speed, SmartPTT SCADA has a customised user interface with 3 color schemes to choose. The dispatcher can opt the way of parameters’ visualization and set the location of widgets on the screen using drag&drop tool. Special color scheme with limited use of color draws operator’s attention to the parameters that deviate from a normal state while other elements remain invisible.

What are the SmartPTT SCADA Benefits?

  • Situational control All personnel, controlled facilities, and their status – on one screen.
  • Rapid response in emergencies Detect failures immediately and correct them before they become a catastrophe.
  • Cost optimization Lower the number of on-site visits and use workforce and vehicles where they are really needed. In case of emergency or malfunction at the facility the dispatcher sends the closest specialist (based upon their location information) to resolve the issue.
  • Reduced load on the dispatcher Informing responsible employees about emergencies, accidents, and breakdowns is made automatically, according to the set rules of the notification (including messages on radios due to the integration with SmartPTT).
  • Proactive management Schedule maintenance based on equipment performance and improve workflow having detailed information about all events.
  • Quick start Fast and simple process of system launch from scratch without special knowledge and skills in programming.


SmartPTT SCADA extension complements the SmartPTT dispatch console and enables processing of telemetry data received from remote points. You can connect AdapTel* or any third-party devices to SmartPTT SCADA via any communication channels.

*AdapTel is a device for receiving and transmitting telemetry data from distributed industrial objects to the dispatch level of SCADA systems in DMR networks (manufactured by Elcomplus – SmartPTT developer).

Drive Efficiency In Your Business with SCADA

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