SmartPTT SCADA combines capacities of SCADA/IIoT systems and dispatch software for professional radio systems. The solution enables to raise the efficiency of business processes management with remote equipment control and corresponding staff coordination.

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Situational awareness. Focus on what’s important.

42% of accidents in industrial systems are caused by dispatchers’ errors.

With SmartPTT SCADA flexible the user can choose parameters, visualisation and set the location of on the screen using the drag & drop tool.


Features & Functions of SmartPTT SCADA

Situational control
All personnel, controlled facilities, and their status – on one screen.

High-quality decision-making
Decisions are made on the facts and in view of the possible danger to personnel in the vicinity of the equipment.

Rapid response in emergencies
In case of any issues at the facility the dispatcher sends the closest specialist (based upon their location information) to resolve the issue.

Reduced load on the dispatcher
Informing responsible employees about emergencies and accidents is made automatically.

Proactive management and operating costs reduction
Any failures are detected immediately and can be fixed before they become a catastrophe that decreases the number of on-site visits.

Quick start
Control of the equipment at the remote points in the shortest time without building separate infrastructure and without programming and scripting.

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Download Specifications PDF

Download the SmartPTT SCADA manufacturer’s specification PDF.

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