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Simply fill out the application form below, once you have completed it, please submit and you will be redirected to an e-Signature page for you to sign the document which will allow us to process the application form.

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Please Note: If your company has an email firewall policy in place, you may need to whitelist our email, to ensure receipt of emails after completing this form.

Terms and Conditions

I agree that i am authorised to act on behalf of the company detailed within this application form. By signing this declaration I confirm that I have read and understood Radiocoms Systems Ltd ("Radiocoms") standard terms located on its website (

I also note the following:

  • Radiocoms will carry out a credit check as part of their new account opening process.
  • Radiocoms will confirm any approved credit limit in writing (email). I understand any credit limit approved is at the discretion of Radiocoms; and any approved limits can be amended and/or withdrawn without prior notice.
  • If credit is approved, payment shall be made THIRTY DAYS FROM DATE OF INVOICE.
  • Radiocoms reserves the right to withhold goods and/or services should I/we exceed the agreed credit limit, until such time as the sum outstanding over and above the credit limit is cleared.
  • This account will remain open for a period of ONE YEAR from the last recorded transaction.

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