Two Way Radio Dispatch Software

A two-way radio dispatcher allows you to deploy and monitor two way radio traffic giving you instant and efficient communications coordination. This intelligent dispatching software will support both analogue and digital two way radio systems, giving you a ‘mixed’ mode operation to support you as you migrate your radio communication system(s).

Radiocoms Systems Ltd supply and support Motorola Applications Partners SmartPTT & TRBOnet andHytera Smart Dispatcher.


What are the key features of the radio dispatcher?

A voice dispatch software system consists of a PC or cloud based interface which operates as a gateway between radio communication channels and an IP network, alongside a number of dispatcher consoles. Dispatchers connect to a radio server via local wire, or wireless networks or the Internet and use IP protocol, the benefit to this is allowing organisations to connect their teams without expensive monthly airtime costs.

  • All calling radio users / subscribers ID’s are always visible to dispatcher
  • All two way radio user traffic is registered within the dispatch system
  • Dispatchers can replay audio record and if necessary, download separate audio files to their PC for reporting.
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What other features are available on the dispatcher software?

This software is a multi-functional platform which can also incorporate:

  • Text & data transfer – Text messages, e-mails and SMS exchange between the dispatcher console, radios, talk groups, and smartphones
  • GPS tracking – Know the exact workers location at any moment and enhance their safety by control of their entering hazardous zones (Geo-Fencing / Speed Control also included)
  • Emergency management – Dispatcher is alerted to a radio user in distress when the emergency button is pressed, Man Down is activated, or the Lone Worker timer expires
  • Voice & event log – Data storage and easy reconstruction of incident’s details
  • Job ticketing – Create, assign, and control work orders to ensure timely and accurate completion of tasks
  • Telemetry – Use the GPIO pins on mobile radios to be notified of events (i.e. door open/closed) or control a device (i.e. device on/off)
  • Fleet management – Easily manage the details of individuals and groups of subscribers, as well as create customisable rules and alerts

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