SmartPTT is an integrated voice and data dispatch software application for
Motorola MOTOTRBO, TETRA and DIMETRA radio systems

About SmartPTT

SmartPTT is an integrated voice and data dispatch console software application that enables users of Motorola Motorola Solutions, MOTOTRBO, TETRA and DIMETRA radio systems to use the advanced voice call functions, GPS, texting and emailing functions, as well as offering a host of other features that expand on the capabilities of the radios such as job ticketing, voice recording, telephone interconnect and radio network bridging.

Using SmartPTT with your MOTOTRBO or TETRA radio system will help you increase worker safety, work efficiency, worker accountability, cost efficiency, and provide seamless communications.

What are the SmartPTT Features & Functions?

Voice Dispatch

In addition to enabling the dispatcher to selectively call an individual or a group for voice communications, SmartPTT gives dispatchers the ability to block/unblock radios from the system, perform a radio check to see if the radio is online/offline and remotely key a radio to listen to the background of a unit in distress or of suspected negligent behaviour.

GPS Tracking

SmartPTT works with a variety of maps including Google Maps (license required from Google), OpenStreetMap, Vector maps and Raster maps. Dispatchers can then view the last positions of units in order to assign calls to the nearest unit for faster response times or to respond to a unit in distress. Geo-fences can be created on the map to create work zones, speed zones or restricted zones. If a unit leaves, enters or speeds in a zone the dispatcher can receive a notification.

Custom Console

Simple and flexible SmartPTT user interface is customised to every dispatcher needs and preferences. Operator can quickly access all required commands and contacts placed on custom console instead of searching through lists of online subscribers and using tons of different drop-down menu. SmartPTT custom console contributes to faster dispatcher operation and reaction time during emergencies when it is critically important and can save someone’s life.

Voice Recording

In the event of an emergency the dispatcher can instantly recall the conversation to verify the details of the emergency. At times employees might abuse the radio system, the recording can then be used as proof for disciplinary actions against the employee.

Texting / Emailing

Text messages can originate from the radio user to the dispatcher or a mobile phone user. Likewise, the radios can receive texts from the dispatcher or mobile phone user. When an event occurs in the system such as a radio user being in distress SmartPTT can automatically initiate a text message to be sent to a smartphone or to the field radios warning of the emergency.

Indoor Tracking

Do you need to monitor the position of employees inside buildings and other locations where GPS tracking is not available? Indoor Tracking functionality allows enhancing workers safety and efficiency by control of their movements in the premises, including hazardous production facilities, labs, prisons, etc. In emergency, you’ll know the exact location of your employees. This helps minimise response times that could be lifesaving.

Job Ticketing

 Job Ticketing enables dispatchers to manage tasks of workers. Workers can accept or reject an assignment. Once accepted the worker can keep the dispatcher updated on the status of the task by sending messages back that the task is in progress, delayed or completed. SmartPTT then keeps a log of the job ticket history.

System Monitoring

Real-Time remote monitoring and control of your MOTOTRBO infrastructure.

  • Coverage map
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Alarm Log & Notifications
  • Repeater control
  • Graphical representation of the collected monitoring data
  • Monitoring Reports

Event Log

Do you need to know where a unit was located at a certain time when an emergency occurred or to verify that a Job Ticket was sent?

SmartPTT keeps a history of all events that occur within the system.

Telephone Interconnect

Do you need field units to be able to make and receive telephone calls from their MOTOTRBO two-way radios? SmartPTT’s optional telephone interconnect enables field radios to make and receive telephone calls. If the field radio doesn’t have a DTMF keypad then the dispatcher can make the call for the field unit and then conference the field radio and the telephone user together.

Radio Network Bridging

Are you planning to migrate from analogue to digital over a period of time or do you need to have two-way radio communications with other departments or agencies using incompatible radio systems? SmartPTT’s radio network bridging (interoperability gateway) enables you to migrate from analogue to digital within your timeframe and budget or interoperate your MOTOTRBO radio system with a P25 radio system during emergency situations.

System Monitoring

Do you want to control your radio system performance and be immediately informed about any hardware failures? SmartPTT Monitoring feature provides real-time network infrastructure monitoring with graphical representation of network topology and coverage map analysis. Due such in-depth analysis and real-time control over MOTOTRBO infrastructure you can save money, time and personnel resources.

Web Client

Do you need to access to your radio system everywhere from any PC? SmartPTT Web Client provides a great opportunity to instantly send a message, check subscribers’ location or make a voice call from a PC without installed dispatcher application. You get seamless communications and control over your team in any situation.

Mobile Application

Do you need to access to the radio system without a radio or from outside of radio coverage zone? With SmartPTT Mobile Application you can talk to and monitor your radio system from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet. Make private, group and all calls, send text messages and even track the location of radio subscribers from your smartphone.

Radio Networks

Whether by radio, telephone, mobile telephone, or PC, SmartPTT can bring together all of your communications. SmartPTT works with all types of MOTOTRBO radio systems including simplex through a base station, conventional through a repeater, IP Site Connect (IPSC), Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus (LCP), Connect Plus, and Capacity Max. SmartPTT can connect to the repeater directly with an IP wireline connection, which greatly reduces the implementation time and expense.

Rules & Alters

SmartPTT lets the dispatcher and system administrator create a variety of rules within the software, as well as notification settings for the rules. The dispatcher can create a geo-fence zone and then be notified when someone enters or exits the Geofence. What happens if a field radio has an emergency and the dispatcher is away from their dispatch position? With SmartPTT a rule can be created to automatically send a text message to a smartphone when an emergency condition occurs, as well as playing a prerecorded voice message over the radio channel to inform people of the emergency.


SmartPTT is sold in more than 75 countries around the world to many different types of radio users including Public Safety, Healthcare, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mines, Transportation (i.e. ports, airports, railways), Fleets (i.e. taxi, bus, etc.), Manufacturing, Security, Hospitality, Construction, Public Services and more.

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