SmartPTT provides convenient and flexible services for team co-ordination for dispatchers, managers, and employees,
streamlining your organisation’s financial, human and time resources.

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Using SmartPTT with your radio system will help you to increase worker safety, work efficiency, worker accountability, cost efficiency, and provide seamless communications.

SmartPTT is sold in more than 75 countries around the world to many different types of radio users including: Public Safety.

Healthcare, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mines, Transportation, Manufacturing, Security, Public Services and more.


What are the SmartPTT Features & Functions?

Voice Dispatch
The dispatcher can selectively call an individual or a group for voice communications, block/unblock radios from the system, perform a radio check to see if the radio is online/offline and remotely key a radio to listen to the background of a unit in distress or of suspected negligent behaviour.

GPS Tracking
SmartPTT works with a variety of maps including Google Maps (license required from Google), OpenStreetMap, Vector maps and Raster maps.

Custom Console
Simple and flexible SmartPTT user interface is customised to every dispatcher needs and preferences.

Voice Recording
In the event of an emergency the dispatcher can instantly recall the conversation to verify the details of the emergency.

System Monitoring
Provides real-time network infrastructure monitoring with graphical representation of network topology and coverage map analysis.

Web Client
Access to your radio system everywhere from any PC.

Mobile Application
With SmartPTT Mobile Application you can talk to and monitor your radio system from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet.

Radio Networks
Whether by radio, telephone, mobile telephone, or PC, SmartPTT can bring together all of your communications.

Rules & Alerts
SmartPTT lets the dispatcher and system administrator create a variety of rules within the software, as well as notification settings for the rules.

Download Specifications PDF

Download the SmartPTT manufacturer’s specification PDF.

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