Hytera DMR Tier III Trunking

Hytera’s digital trunked radio solution (Tier III) is designed for demanding radio users to deliver business and mission-critical communications.

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Developed in compliance with the ETSI standard, Hytera DMR trunking offers a customised system based on the individual needs of your organisation. Modular and flexible, a Hytera trunking system can tackle high radio traffic, maximising available capacity across dynamic user groups and challenging single or multi-site geographies.

If you require large communications capacity, complete control and a dedicated connection, then a Hytera DMR Tier III trunking solution could be the radio system for you, delivering our expansive feature set to ensure your current and future communications requirements are covered.

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Hytera DMR Tier III trunking features.

Increased efficiency
Trunking systems increase channel usage efficiencies by dynamically managing their allocation. DMR provides two communication pathways in one 12.5khz channel. So combining the efficiencies of trunking technology with the advantages of DMR results in a highly efficient wide area solution.

Powerful applications
Network management software, as well as the dispatcher and voice recorder systems, ensure DMR trunking is a comprehensive, professional solution, providing central management of the radio system and supporting remote maintenance.

High system resilience
Hytera DMR trunking combines optimal radio coverage with intelligent redundancy design so the availability of the overall system is ensured even on the failure of individual components.

Cost-efficient migration
Simple, incremental migration from analogue radio operation or conventional DMR to digital trunked radio from Hytera.

Versatile services
Voice services, data services, priority, late entry, call back, recording, PSTN call, ESN check, authentication, E2EE,stun, revive and kill, GPS, emergency alarm, etc.

Connectivity with other systems
Different gateways support the interconnection between DMR trunking and other systems, such as PSTN, analogue conventional, MPT, DMR conventional, etc.

Open API
Open API allows for further development based on different customer needs, such as billing systems, e-mail gateways, etc.

IP architecture
All devices are based on IP architecture to ensure flexible networking and system expansion.

Working in the London BoroughsConsider London ConnectOn the Hytera DMR Tier III fail safe,
mission-critical radio communications system.


Download Specifications PDF

Download the Hytera DMR Tier III manufacturer’s specification PDF.


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