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Radiocoms Systems Ltd is proud to be a Hytera Authorised Partner – Providing Clients Worldwide with Hytera Products, Systems and Solutions on Outright Purchase, Hire and Maintenance & Support Services.

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Hytera was founded in Shenzhen, China, in 1993 and operates on a global basis. They manufacturer radio systems and radio solutions in compliance with the DMR, TETRA, LTE and MPT-1327 standard.

With a reputation for high-quality, reliable, feature rich handsets and systems, Hytera can be found all over the world, from Shenzhen metro to the Etihad stadium, via North Sea oil rigs, railway networks, conference centres and construction sites.

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Hytera Body Worn Cameras

Modern bodycams are smaller, lighter and increasingly sophisticated in the type of features they now support including; full HD video quality, infrared, night vision, integration with wearable equipment and even the ability to stream live footage to other devices.

Hytera Digital Two Way Radios & Mobiles

Thanks to the DMR standard, Hytera DMR radios work with any other compliant system. But what sets Hytera apart is the breadth of range and feature set across our DMR radios.

From the PD3 right up to the PD9 series, their Digital Mobile Radios are built for the real world – designed for the people using them. They often require minimal training and are intuitive to use.

Hytera LTE Solutions

Available as either a DMR or TETRA variant, combine narrowband mission-critical communications with LTE broadband data throughput. PMR (DMR or TETRA) is best to deliver voice applications, including group and emergency calls, and 4G LTE provides fast data services to support a multitude of applications.

Hytera POC (Push to talk over cellular) Devices & Solutions

Push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) technology enables subscribers to make one-to-many calls to different groups of people at the same time over a mobile operator’s network.

Hytera Repeater Base Stations

Hytera repeater base stations receive weak radio signals and retransmit at a higher power so that your two-way radio system can cover longer distances without the transmission degrading. Find out how a repeater can benefit you.

Hytera TETRA Radios and Systems

The Hytera TETRA system provides a scalable two-way radio solution that can be aligned with your communication volume requirements, ensuring the design meets your availability and capacity requirements.

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