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Two Way Radio Communication Solutions for Retail.

From small single unit retail outlets to large multi-storey shopping centres requires reliable and efficient systems to ensure smooth operations in a variety of situations. Retailers and shopping outlets use communication technologies such as two-way radios, body worn cameras and software applications for effective and instant communication between warehouses, offices and staff members, security & loss prevention teams, facilities management, and even CCTV control rooms and Police.

Our retail destination solutions.

Depending on the radio or radio system chosen you could benefit from

An easy to use communication device
Clear audio even in noisy environments
Caller ID and panic/emergency call functions

GPS Tracking to enhance security
Inter-site communications
Job ticketing

Off site/remote connectivity
Site-wide coverage
Security notifications

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Who do we work with.

Cleaning & domestic services
Facilities management
Global, regional & local retailers
Retail manufacturers & distributors

Shopping centres
Operational & management teams
Internal & external security
Town centre management teams

Recommended radio communication solutions.

 In an increasingly technology-based world where the sophistication of security threats is ever growing, the need for security services to work quickly in large teams over greater distances has increased greatly. But with the emergence of digital two-way radio, greater output power means bigger operational ranges, and a whole range of new options to boost coverage besides; digital two-way radios can handle long-range deployments even across multiple sites. Links can be integrated between individual shops within town centres or shopping centres, police officers and CCTV monitoring centres.

Radiocoms can provide a system to assist with the day to day management of the vital aspects of running and managing your retail area or walkie talkies for retail stores. Our systems also allow management to communicate with all teams whilst built-in monitoring software can support job ticketing and lone worker requirements.

mototrbo dp4800e front

DP4800(1)e Two Way Radio

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mototrbo dp4600e front

DP4600(1)e Two Way Radio

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hytera pd685

PD685(G) Two Way Radio

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hytera vm780-front

Body Worn Cameras

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Software applications. Enhancing your radio system.

Through Software Application Partners, Radiocoms Systems support a cost-effective portfolio of system enhancing applications to assist your sites operational goals – lone worker, alarm handling and job ticketing streamline efficiency whilst aligning with operational procedures, assisting in industry compliance and ultimately creating a safer work environment.

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