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Airport and Airline two-way radios and communication systems play an integral part in the security, safety and operational duties at airports. AOA Members Radiocoms retains office and workshop facilities at Heathrow and Manchester airport, providing mission-critical radio services to an abundance of clients in and around the airports.

Airports are exceptional places, operating almost as complete separate communities; employing tens of thousands of people; covering a vast area; and operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Heathrow airport, for example, employs nearly 80,000 people and has 75.7 million annual passengers. This vast community is the reason why reliable and effective airport two-way radio communication between the diverse teams working in an airport is not just important but critical to operational efficiency, business continuity, safety and security.

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Radiocoms have partnered with leading airlines, airports, service providers and concessionaires to deliver

Consultation and fault finding
Digital system development & integration
Legacy communication solution migration
24/7 Fully managed on site engineering & remote system support

Ground to ground and ground to air communications
Push back communications
Frequency management and ECAP application management
Supply and maintenance of specialist hearing protection

Explore the 5 C’S of radio communications in aviation.

Despite the surge in smartphone use in the workplace,
why has radio communications in aviation remained the dominant technology?


Two-way radio and communication solutions.

Our multi-manufacturer and multi-technology expertise allow us to support the full spectrum of voice, video and data communication networks across varying levels of requirements, from simple analogue, digital, TETRA, Atex and headset two-way radio solutions through to complex multi-site, global radio systems. By utilising client specific SLA’s and advanced monitoring systems Radiocoms’ will ensure your chosen radio system & operating infrastructure has 100% uptime.

Airports no longer operate with isolated communication systems: recently, many airports across the world, have developed integrated systems that enable efficient communication between individuals and user groups across the entire site including:


Two Way and Mobile Radio
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Body Worn Cameras
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Communication Systems
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Hearing Protection
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Software applications. Enhancing your radio system.

Through Software Application Partners, Radiocoms Systems support a cost-effective portfolio of system enhancing applications to assist your sites operational goals – lone worker, alarm handling and job ticketing streamline efficiency whilst aligning with operational procedures, assisting in industry compliance and ultimately creating a safer work environment.

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