Push to Talk apps and software solutions

Through PoC or BBPTT software apps, users are able to communicate, message, track, and provide customer support services/management services from a central location. Over any network connection, the PTT software works with a range of devices, such as smartphones, rugged PTT devices, iOS and Android devices.

Turn your new or existing devices into a local, national, or even worldwide communications solution at the push of a button.



The solution can support a variety of end users – from bus communications that include Real Time Passenger Information systems (Rti) to tracking and location functionalities for widely dispersed teams such as airlines, couriers, local government employees in varying roles or security teams that need to share live video.

Why select a Push to Talk App?




Subscription based. This PTT App is a simple user-based subscription cloud-based solution requiring little if any upfront investment.

Secure. A secure, encrypted software app that delivers a comprehensive PoC service hosted in ISO27000 accredited UK data centres.

Reach. The versatile PoC software app will provide instant communication between your two-way radios, smart devices and PC’s.



Push to Talk App.

Do more with what you have.
For those looking to do more with what they have, download the broadband push to talk PoC.Cloud application straight onto your chosen device whether it’s a device from our range, or your own smart device.

By bringing your own device you can increase productivity and reduce costs by enabling your employees to use a device they already feel comfortable using. There is less time for training and most employees typically have the most up to date technology. The app grants users maximum operational capabilities with a modern user interface and high availability.

BBPTT.POC.Cloud flex mobile application - PTT Button.png

Cloud task manager.

For organisations looking to improve operational and economic efficiency.

Keep your sensitive task information secure.
Incorporating sophisticated data encryption, the BBPTT.Cloud Task Manager allows you to share key information with colleagues whilst keeping your sensitive task information secure.

Push to video.

Save Time with Push to Video.
In day to day operations, a video capability can save valuable time and provide access to specialists who are able to see what you’re seeing and advise how to proceed, potentially saving expensive specialist call outs.

Emergency Video.
In emergency situations, full-duplex video with audio can help prevent a potentially dangerous situation from escalating, minimising danger to those involved.

Indoor tracking.

Do more.
Indoor localisation is like GPS in a lot of ways, but with one big difference, it thrives inside.

All in real time.
Track and pinpoint personnel wherever they are in real time. This will help you optimise your workflows, reduce costs, and ensure the safety of your cre

Cloud lone worker protection.

Lone Worker.
It is increasingly common for businesses to integrate lone worker services with their health and safety, security or governance, risk and compliance (GRC) policies to reduce risk to their organization and to their lone-working staff. With the worker down functionality as soon as the cellular device is in a horizontal position for a defined period of time, an automatic emergency alert including the identity and location of the cellular device will be sent to the group.

Emergency Call.
Pushing the Emergency Call Button causes an Alert to go to predefined users which includes the location of the alerting device. Additionally, a full duplex call is initiated between the parties.

This software application is a BS8484:2016 compliant Lone Worker Protection (LWP) Service.

Connect, monitor, record and store.

Powerful software that will centralise your communications, bring your team closer together
and provide full traceability for every activity on your cloud BBPTT / PoC PTT solution.

BBPTT.POC.Cloud command and control centre

PoC Cloud Dispatcher –
command and control centre.

POC.Cloud’s Command and Control Centre / Dispatcher Solution is supplied with powerful and flexible features. This software can be deployed as a Windows desktop application to monitor all users on your PoC App system.

  • Group/ individual / priority calls
  • Dynamic groups to support emergencies immediately
  • Emergency Call receiving
  • Remote control of mics and cameras
  • Text and data exchange
  • Status messaging
  • Lone worker protection/man down
  • Voice recording and call history
  • Map, indoor and GPS localisation
  • Guard tour
  • Task management

PoC Cloud bridge.

A.Bridge provides a solution to support businesses in overcoming the challenges of integrating a PMR/DMR system with a broadband device. It is easy-to-use and easy to-scale – connect your two incompatible PMR/DMR two way radio systems (for example, TETRA and MOTOTRBO). For further flexibility, add other resources such as smart devices, and desktop users. to expand your system as necessary – anytime and everywhere.

Furthermore, it is created as a supplementary part of A.Rodon’s Command and Control Centre Solution, allowing visibility of both broadband and radio users from a single terminal.

BBPTT PoC.Cloud a.bridge white background
BBPTT.POC.Cloud recorder

PoC Cloud recorder.

The BBPTT PoC.Cloud recorder is a smart, reliable and easy-to-use software solution for secure recording and rapid replay of voice and data communications. It is designed to help organisations keep records and enhance their mission-critical responses. Tools allow you to sort, search and replay voice records, view message history and monitor user activity in channels. Furthermore, in order to keep data secure, all voice and data records are stored on the separate POC.Cloud server. However, we can provide backup of all voice communication to a local drive.

  • GPS recording
  • Channel activity
  • Name changing
  • Connection status
  • Individual & group call recording
  • Message recording
  • Emergency call recording

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