Motorola Solutions to Provide MOTOTRBO™ Premium Software Features as Standard

Motorola Solutions to Provide MOTOTRBO™ Premium Software Features as Standard

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ Premium software features that are normally sold à la carte are now included as standard with selected MOTOTRBO portable and mobile two-way radios so that you can benefit from MOTOTRBO advanced functionality without the need for additional licenses.

MOTOTRBO Premium software gives you the control and flexibility to provide your team with the tools they need to carry out their job.  Activated at the initial deployment, Radiocoms will work with you to choose the right software features for your fleet. With this new modular approach, features can be enabled/disabled as required as your organisations’ requirements change, without compromising on safety. 

What are the software features available? 

MOTOTRBO Software Premium Features Overview


  • Enhanced Privacy – Keep your communications private and secure. It is more robust than Basic Privacy and uses 40-bit encryption to prevent others from reading data or listening to voice messages on your system.
  • Man Down – Help protects workers using the radio’s built-in accelerometer. Man Down detects if a user falls (tilt alarm), becomes incapacitated and stops moving (anti-movement alarm) or moves when they are normally in a fixed location (movement alarm). On detecting a problem, the radio initiates an Emergency Alarm or an Emergency Call.
  • Transmit Interrupt – Ensure urgent messages can always get through, even when all channels on your system are busy. Transmit interrupt allows supervisor radios to stop an on-going call and take control of the channel to deliver higher priority messages, or to prevent a radio that is transmitting if the PTT button is inadvertently pressed for an extended period.
  • Transmit Inhibit – Similar to “Airplane Mode” on a phone, Transmit Inhibit prevents your radio from transmitting (for example to prevent interference in an area with sensitive electronic equipment, or when entering a potentially explosive area where safety can be jeopardised due to device transmissions) whilst still allowing the user to receive and hear calls.
  • Response Inhibit – Response Inhibit prevents a radio from being remotely monitored or tracked using GPS by blocking all transmissions unless the user initiates them. So the user can still make calls, but third parties cannot locate them by requesting an automatic radio acknowledgement or location request.
  • Authenticated Radio Disable – Improve system security by preventing radios from being accidentally or maliciously disabled. Authenticated Radio Disable uses software privacy keys to check a remote radio disable command and ensure that the supervisory radio issuing the command is authorised to do so.



  • SINC+ Noise Cancellation – Single Input Noise Cancellation (SINC+)uses advanced audio processing technology to improve speech intelligibility in high noise environments. It uses the radio’s built-in microphone to provide background noise reduction previously only available with a more expensive dual microphone accessory.
  • Mute Mode – Users can quickly mute their radio if needed, for example, when entering a quiet area or if a non-urgent call arrives during a meeting. Mute Mode silences all radio audio at the press of a single button, or by placing the radio face down1 and the radio will stay quiet until the user turns off mute mode, an emergency call is received, or a pre-set timer expires.
  • Received Audio Levelling  – Different people speak more loudly or softly, some use accessories, and some don’t, or you may have a mixed radio fleet with different gain characteristics. Received Audio Levelling provides an improved audio experience by automatically balancing out inconsistent audio levels on the other end, so the listener doesn’t need to adjust their volume continually.



  • Text to Speech – Users can focus on the job at hand, rather than looking at their radio to see its status. With Text-to-Speech, your radio will read out text such as channels, zones, functions, messages and work order tickets. Select from 27 different languages and several different voices or even define a custom dictionary to ensure accurate readout of abbreviations and industry specific terminology.
  • Multi-Button PTT  – Create your own bespoke radio interface, for example by having external buttons for each channel mounted on the dashboard of a bus. It does not produce customised interface panels enabled by Multi-Button PTT but provides the design parameters necessary to allow partners to create their own.
  • Indoor Location –  Boost efficiency and worker safety by monitoring and tracking workers’ locations. Indoor Location utilises the radio’s Bluetooth capability and iBeacons positioned across a facility to provide location information to a central control station.



  • Wi-Fi Connectivity  – Supported radio models can now connect to a Wi-Fi network for the fast and secure exchange of large volumes of data, for example, to update radio firmware or code plugs remotely, saving time and money managing your radio fleet.
  • Bluetooth Permanently Discoverable  – Some third-party applications, for example, location tracking, require the radio Bluetooth to be “always on”. Bluetooth Permanently Discoverable provides this functionality.


The following table describes the compatibility of the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ Premium Software features available.


















DP4000e    mototrbo dp4000ex atex radios


 sl4000E LARGEMOTOTRBO DM4601e Fixde Mobile
Enhanced PrivacySupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
Man DownNot SupportedSupportedSupported (DP4x01e models only)SupportedSupportedSupported (DM4x01e models only)
Transmit InterruptSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
Transmit InhibitNot SupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
Response InhibitSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
Authenticated Radio DisableNot SupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
SINC+ Noise CancellationSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
Mute ModeSupported (Button Only)SupportedSupportedSupported (Button Only)SupportedSupported (Button Only)
Received Audio LevellingSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
Text to SpeechNot SupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported
Multi-Button PTT Not SupportedNot SupportedSupportedNot SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
Indoor Location Not SupportedSupportedSupported (DP4x01e models only)Not SupportedSupportedSupported (DM4x01e models only)
Wi-Fi Connectivity Not SupportedSupportedSupported (DP4x01e models only)Not SupportedSupportedSupported (DM4x01e models only)
Bluetooth Permanently Discoverable Not SupportedSupportedSupported (DP4x01e models only)Not SupportedSupportedNot Supported


Boost the performance of your MOTOTRBO digital two way radios with premium software features to support a more flexible, resilient and secure communications platform for your organisation & employees. 

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