Entel Announces new Advanced Emergency features for the DN495 LTE Radio

Entel DN495 POC two way radio



Duty of care is a hot topic and Entel’s DN495 is one of the most advanced lone-worker PoC two way radios on the market today; features include:

  • Emergency button
  • Lone Worker
  • Man-Down
  • GPS and indoor Location

All Entel DN495 features are full over the air (OTA) programmable meaning you can add, change or remove Emergency features easily, instantly and at any time. An emergency can be sent to one, a few or all devices in a system: PC & Android Dispatchers, other DN495 radios and Smartphones.

PC and Android Dispatchers, as well as Smartphones, display the location of the Emergency radio, ensuring an efficient and rapid response.

This video gives an overview and demonstrations of the new POC DN495 emergency features


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