Guidelines on how to keep your SAVOX Accessories clean

Guidelines on how to keep your SAVOX Accessories Clean


Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, SAVOX has released instructions to ensure that users of their accessories take the necessary precautions to minimise the risk of contamination. SAVOX recommends that all equipment is personal issue.


Basic Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions to keep your SAVOX Accessories Clean

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SAVOX recommends that users cleanse their headset products:

  • The unit can be cleaned with a damp sponge or soft brush and diluted dishwashing liquid.
  • Clean the connectors and use Vaseline spray on the quick release connector (female headset plug) twice a year.
  • SAVOX recommends TURBO OIL PRF 290 (manufactured by Taerosol, www.taerosol. com) or similar type of lubricant.
  • The Classic and XG products are safe to heat in the oven: 60-70C for 2 hours.


  • Do not fully immerse the unit in water and do not apply solvents or similar caustic chemicals!
  • Do not heat the Savox Promate products, as they contain batteries!


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For more information on how to keep your SAVOX Accessories Clean, please contact Radiocoms Systems Ltd, your Savox representative:  Call 033 3939 0022 |


About SAVOX – Founded in 1982, Savox Communications started as a family-owned small engineering company that had a mission to solve the communication problem smoke divers had. Since inventing that first integrated radio accessory and 35 years later the company has developed into a global provider of communication solutions for safety and security, defence and industrial markets.