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antennapro logoIn this months ‘Ask the Expert’ we are talking to our fellow FCS member and antenna & filter supplier, antennaPRO about their newest products and how they are tackling our ever-changing industry with new technological innovations.


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Can you tell us about antennaPRO & the core values of the organisation?

antennaPRO was established in 2006 to supply the widest range of antenna and filtering solutions from Procom, since 2018 now the Amphenol Procom Group, we are representing the brands Procom, Jaybeam and Skymasts. Our expert team provides our partners such as Radiocoms Systems with the best and fastest service of ready-to-use, tuned and turnkey equipment.

antennaPRO is working with partners like Radiocoms Systems Ltd supplying the Blue Light, Commercial, Government, IOT, Military, Public Safety, Transport, Security and Utility sectors with Tetra, LMR, Marine and Aviation solutions from the Procom, Skymasts and Jaybeam Wireless portfolio of products – All under one roof!

How is antennaPRO different from its main competitors?

We are the largest trade stockholders of the Amphenol Procom range of products in the UK. Therefore, mostly able to tune and ship products the same or next day. Not allied to any radio manufacturer or UK operator, we can support the complete trade with our range of passive products.


CelFi Logo
CelFi Logo

You recently launched two new products into your portfolio the “Cel Fi “GO X” and “Quatra” to address the requirement for POC/LTE devices – can you tell us more about these products?

There are two reasons for introducing the Cel Fi products to our portfolio: –

We have been involved with DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) components to our customers for several years. If companies are installing a DAS system to ensure radio coverage throughout a building, then chances are the cellular/operator coverage in that building is also poor or nonexistent. This product will ensure a smooth installation & a vast improvement in coverage for the client.

Secondly, for the installation of WAVE/PoC/LTE systems the GO X and Quatra ensures coverage inside is matched outside for the radios. We know that 80% of all phone and radio use is in a building!


How do you feel digital technology is changing to positively affect the radio communications industry?

Those companies that embrace the new “digital age” will be the survivors from the Radio world.  PMR/LMR as we know it is not dead; it has simply changed – we must make the brave move to gain experience of the higher frequency world. LTE is taking us there anyway – a mixture of traditional radio, LTE, Broadband, Cellular, Wi-Fi monitored over a singular control system on a PC, tablet, phone app has got to be a utopia for most end clients.

What gap in the UK antenna radio market does antennaPRO strive to address?

antennaPRO serves the entire UK Radio industry (PMR, Marine, Aviation). The history in the UK with Jaybeam, Skymasts and the Procom brand from 2006 has given us a commanding market share of the UK antenna business.

The market we will strive to improve is the in-building coverage which will become really important for next generation radio systems like PoC. Amphenol Procom has a dedicated R & D investment improving the range of internal antennas.

Can you tell us a little about yourself personally and your background before AntennaPRO?

I am from the radio world; 25 years of industry experience this year. My former roles were in export sales, developing and supporting new distribution channels in the Eastern Bloc countries and Africa. I joined Skymasts early 2015 and was part of the Procom and then Amphenol acquisitions before joining antennaPRO in July 2017.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The passive products are often seen as a “necessary add on” to make a radio system to work. The best quality radio products will not work without good quality combining systems, filters, cables, connectors and antennas. Some try to cut costs and cheat here; my challenge is to emphasise the message that the “best quality radio products” deserve the “best quality passive products”.

And the most rewarding?

Having spent 25 years in this business, I am happy to report that most people in this industry are a pleasure to deal with and over that time I have made many friends. I have seen some downturns during that time but lucky to have seen some significant growth in our business and been part of that with all the companies I have worked for.

I most enjoy working with young, progressive, professional companies; it’s a real buzz to support these types of businesses and watch them grow.

What else is in store for antennaPRO in 2019 that will benefit Radiocoms Systems clients?

antennaPRO will launch further combining, filtering and antenna products from the Amphenol Procom group to enhance communication systems. The Cel Fi range of products will improve operator coverage in buildings for both cellular systems and PoC radio systems.

Together with the manufacturers, we will hold further product training sessions to help train the new generation of engineers to offer “best practices” to their clients.


Developing strong relationships with our suppliers is of paramount importance to Radiocoms Systems Ltd

As the UK’s leading voice & data radio communications partner, we pride ourselves on keeping our finger on the pulse in regards to the latest products, solutions & innovations. This allows Radiocoms Systems to deliver to you, our client tailor-made, innovative communication solutions that provide a clear, measurable return on investment.


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