Ask the Expert with Carl McCannon, Secure Power

Ask the Expert with Carl McCannon Secure Power


Carl McCannon Secure Power

In this months ‘Ask the Expert’ we are talking to the award-winning power specialists, Secure Power, Sales Director Carl McCammon about how dedication to continuously differentiate drives them to work with Partners like Radiocoms, to provide UPS solutions for hardware and software.


Can you tell us about Secure Power & the core values of the organisation?
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Secure Power is a back up power specialist, specialising in UPS and generators. We work with many reputable and market leading manufacturers in order to provide the highest quality goods and services.

Our core values are to provide the highest level of expertise and service to the industry. We strive to be the best at we do. Reputation is everything.  Our hard work and dedication to continuously improve customer service and differentiate ourselves from the competition have put the company in a strong position in the UK market, with plans to expand and open an office in Europe in the next 18 months.


ups 1How is Secure Power different to its main competitors in the UPS market?

Secure Power offer’s turnkey solutions ranging from design, supply, installation and commissioning of UPS solutions. We also provide honest and reliable technical advice to create the correct solution for each clients requirements.

How do you feel UPS technology is changing to positively affect the voice & data communications industry?

UPS solutions are becoming more energy efficient and affordable meaning that they are appealing to a larger target market. Organisations such as Radiocoms have over the past few years increased their software integration capabilities which is empowering IT managers, network engineers and 3rd party management companies with remote management and power visibility.


What gap in the UK UPS market does Secure Power strive to address?

Secure Power offers a wide range of products that means that we are one of only a few companies that understand the advantages/disadvantages of different products in the marketplace. Therefore, we can recommend the correct power solution for the customer and also take on multiple vendors under maintenance contracts.

Can you tell us a little about yourself personally and your background before Secure Power?

I was Managing Director of a data installation company that carried out multiple voice and data projects. Before that I was a UK Sales Manager selling data and voice products, this provided me with a great insight into the data & telecoms market. When I joined the power industry there was a clear crossover with the data market. It was also a chance for me to learn and develop new skills in the power industry.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Maintaining a high standard of service whilst being competitive, as it can be difficult to demonstrate ‘value’ when some people see only the price as the value.

And the most rewarding?

Building up strong relationships with customer’s and working alongside great people.

And finally, your favourite quote?

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.


Radiocoms Globe AIDeveloping strong relationships with our suppliers is of paramount importance to Radiocoms Systems Ltd

Good business-to-business relationships rely on strong, two-way communication and as the UK’s leading voice & data radio communications partner, we pride ourselves on keeping our finger on the pulse in regards to the latest products, solutions & innovations. This allows Radiocoms Systems to deliver to you, our clients tailor-made, innovative communication solutions that are operational day to day and in an emergency situation.


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