Entel Launches E POC Device and Software

Entel Launches E POC Devices and Software

Entel Launches E POC Device and Software

The comprehensive portfolio from Entel is leading the way in this innovative PoC (push to talk over cellular) technology.

epoc dispatcher software pcepoc recording software pc recE PoC GatewayE PoC Smartphone iOSDN495

E-POC Dispatching software

E-POC Recording SoftwareE-POC GatewayE-POC IOS/Android applications

E-POC DN495 hand portable radio

When used in conjunction with the Entel DN495  and Smartphone App enables you to communicate with, locate, manage and ensure the safety of your mobile workforce.


A smart, reliable and easy-to-use Entel software solution for secure recording, rapid voice replaying and data communications in the Entel network.



Provides a middleware solution to help businesses overcome the challenges of integration by interconnecting a PMR system with the Entel E-PoC networks.



A smartphone app for iOS and Android, combined with E-PoC Dispatcher and Entel DN495 E-PoC two way radio.




Combines the best of traditional PTT (push-to-talk) with national cellular network operation (4G LTE Wi-Fi).





What is POC – Push to Talk Over Cellular?

Techopedia.com clarifies – PoC combines push-to-talk (PTT) operational advantages with interference immunity and other mobile phone advantages. For example, PoC uses half-duplex communication (only one call may be transmitted by a user) and one call may be received by one or more users. This feature is more useful when a single user wants to talk to a group without making multiple calls.

Full-duplex communication was traditionally applied to mobile networks and devices, which required a connection using a dialled phone number or an answered call. This connection was active until the call ended or the connection failed from a signal loss.


ENTEL and Radiocoms Systems Ltd Partnership

Ranked amongst the leading industry radio communications brands, Entel brings the highest standards of innovation, quality and excellence to their products and software solutions.

With a relationship spanning over 20 years, Entel and Radiocoms Systems Ltd have partnered together to support both the commercial and public sectors. In the UK alone, together have secured contracts with the UK Fire & Rescue Services, the Ministry of Justice and a global contract with G4S Security. Radiocoms Systems Ltd team of experienced radio communications and software manufacturer qualified experts are based at four offices around the UK. All of their employees are DBS checked.

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