22nd July 2020

Blog – Resilient communications for tall buildings with the Hytera E-pack 100

Lack of radio coverage inside buildings can severely hamper the ability of fire services to tackle fires, locate occupants or oversee emergency evacuation procedures. Poor communications can lead to increased loss of life and damage to property, see how the Hytera E Pack can help you tackle complex communication requirements.
8th June 2020

Five Misconceptions about Two-Way Radio

Over the last decade, the advancements made in digital radio communications technology has rapidly gained pace and so have the misconceptions surrounding it. Misconceptions can often hinder the decision making process for organisations, whether you are exploring the choices to acquire more devices, updating existing legacy infrastructure, or considering a different technology altogether.
28th May 2020

How can you enhance team communications during social distancing?

Two-way radio technology enables your teams to keep communications flowing once they return to work as lockdowns are lifted. By keeping your employees connected through voice communications and data services such as work ticketing, you can maintain and even improve the efficiency of your workforce.
14th May 2020

Product Focus – VOKKERO for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals require instant and secure communications to aid in the management of their wards and personnel communications. The lightweight VOKKERO Guardian provides a full duplex two-way radio that can be worn comfortably underneath PPE.
8th May 2020

Product Focus – VOCOVO – Connecting Teams Together Even at a Distance

VOCOVO Team Communication Headsets, Handsets and Call Points are aiding small businesses & retail organisations to work within their new COVID 19 social distancing guidelines.
3rd May 2020

Product Announcement – Entel launch MED compliant marine fire fighter ATEX handportable

With stock available from April 2020, Entel will be the first to market with an extensive range of MED compliant Fire Fighter Radios. The class-leading distinctive red bodied DTEx Firefighter Radios are available in ATEX IIB, and for vessels requiring a more stringent gas rating, there is also an ATEX IIC variant.
27th April 2020

8 Reasons why two way radio can benefit your organisation

Two way radio has a history spanning over 100 years. Its form may have evolved but it still provides organisations both in the private and public sector with one of the most powerful and reliable forms of communication.
26th April 2020

Share Information Quickly, Discreetly, Safely with Two Way Radio Text Messaging

How do you get information to your mobile employees conveniently, discreetly and safely? Extend your desktop applications without added infrastructure or cost? Text messaging can improve the speed, safety and responsiveness of your workforce, no matter where they are.
31st March 2020

Top Five Features of the Motorola Solutions ST7000 TETRA Device

The Motorola Solutions ST7000 meets the communication needs of executives, customer-facing staff and senior officers in office, airport, hotel and casino environments are driven by style, as well as function.