22nd April 2024

Hytera VM580D body camera discontinuation notice

Radiocoms, has teamed up with Mr Bamboo Cup to support the planting of 200 Mangrove trees in Tudor Creek, Kenya. The initiative, led by Eden Reforestation Projects, aims to restore the delicate mangrove ecosystems while also empowering local communities.
28th February 2024

Prioritising health and safety: the need for a proactive approach in today’s workplace

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, being proactive is key. Rather than waiting for accidents to happen or hazards to arise, taking a proactive approach can help prevent injuries, protect employees, and create a safer work environment overall. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of a proactive stance on health and safety, as well as discuss strategies for identifying and addressing potential risks before they escalate.
29th January 2024

IOSH urges action to protect front-line staff: addressing violence and aggression

According to findings by IOSH, attacks on front-line staff have surged in recent years, with verbal abuse, and assaults becoming far too common. These incidents not only have a detrimental impact on the well-being of the workers involved but also affect their ability to provide essential services. How can risks be managed?
18th January 2024

Hytera launch new compact body worn camera

Introducing the new Hytera GC550 mini 2K body camera, the latest addition to Hytera’s range of body camera models. Ideal for retail operatives, parking enforcement, bailiffs, and security teams, this standalone body camera is designed to make capturing and managing evidence and deterring antisocial behaviour hassle-free.
15th October 2023

What are the data protection restrictions for body worn cameras in the UK?

Body-worn cameras are gaining popularity across sectors like healthcare and security, offering audio and video recording to enhance safety. Yet, they pose privacy issues, prompting the UK to implement data protection rules. We'll examine these restrictions and their impact on users in this blog.