22nd July 2024

Healthcare worker safety and how body worn cameras can help

For the average worker, the right to be protected against verbal or physical violence at work is a basic expectation. For nurses, doctors, and even receptionists working in healthcare, however, facing abuse and danger at work is increasingly the rule rather than the exception. The conclusion that healthcare staff have become increasingly unsafe in the workplace is an unavoidable one, and many healthcare providers, both in the UK and around the world, are hoping that body worn cameras can help.
5th July 2024

Duty of Care: What it is and the responsibilities of employers

There are several contexts in which the term “duty of care” may be used. For example, road users must exercise their duty of care to ensure that their actions don’t harm others. However, in this article, we’ll consider employers' duty of care. What it means in practice depends on the nature of the work your business and its employees do, but no business is exempt from taking it into account.
24th June 2024

Can security guards wear body cameras?

In this article, we’ll look at the circumstances in which security guards may record footage using body worn cameras and how their employers can ensure compliance with regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the UK.
17th June 2024

What is the purpose of a gateway for DMR and BBPTT systems?

Ever wondered if you could connect DMR and BBPTT systems together? In this article we review the role of a gateway and how it create a more a more cohesive and responsive organisation.
8th June 2024

Five reasons why two-way radios and BBPTT devices are a sustainable choice

In today’s business landscape, prioritising sustainable decisions is not just a consideration, but a necessity. Here are five reasons why two-way radios and BBPTT devices are a sustainable choice.
30th May 2024

Creating a safe connection airside and landside

In today’s fast-paced aviation industry, ensuring the health and safety of employees is paramount, visibility, insight and control are of top priority. Ruth Nixon, Aviation and Services Account Manager at Radiocoms Systems Ltd, sheds light on how communications technologies are revolutionising health and safety practices within the aviation industry.
30th April 2024

Lone worker risk assessment

As an employer, it's your duty to keep all your employees as safe as possible at work even when they are working alone or off-site. To do this, you need to do some very serious thinking which is captured in the form of a lone worker risk assessment. In this article, we’ll discuss how employers should go about risk assessments for lone workers as the first step towards keeping them as safe as possible during their workdays.
30th April 2024

Ask the expert with Airsys.Cloud

In this months ‘Ask the Expert’ we are talking to POC (push to talk over cellular) service provider, PTTi about their latest software innovations, tackling the confusion around POC and how they are leading the way with their Know More & Do More motto.
29th April 2024

Lone working policy: what it is and why you need one

You want to create a healthy, safe workplace for all your employees, and to do so, you’re required to develop a set of policies and procedures. But what is a lone worker policy, what should it cover, and how often should you revise it? Our introduction to lone worker policies answers these questions and more.