2nd March 2023

A guide to selecting the right communication system

Regardless of the industry or user, having the right tools to hand and the ability to respond and react quickly to any situation is imperative. This blog post offers an insight into how to identify your challenges, and the process to follow to help you to achieve your goals, and do more with less.
22nd February 2023

Are my two way radios genuine?

Despite looking identical to their authentic counterparts, non-genuine/counterfeit two way radios, BBPTT devices, batteries, and accessories are manufactured to very different quality standards. Here a six reasons why grey import two way radios and BBPTT devices are not worth the risk.
6th February 2023

Tips for optimising two way radio performance

Two-way radios have been used for communication for almost 100 years and have become an essential tool for multiple businesses and industries. Different radio models require different maintenance and optimisation strategies, but the following tips will be useful regardless of your radio brand. We have outlined six points in our blog post here.
15th January 2023

How does Entel’s P1 Private PoC radio system work?

The two way radio world has evolved, and we are increasingly seeing the launch of intelligent networks to create smarter connections. Entel’s popular E-PoC service has elevated to the next level with the Entel’s P1 Private PoC radio system to provide Business Critical radio communications.
5th January 2023

How does the man down function work?

Whether it’s a life-saving device for a first responder or a safety monitoring system for an engineer on a nuclear power plant, a Man Down system can provide immediate support to an employee requiring support. But how do these devices and this alarm system work?
2nd December 2022

Why Universities are turning to smart technologies to solve safety pain points

University staff and students should feel safe; there is no doubt that technology is being integrated more and used to create a safer learning and working environment, where everyone feels protected. With a growing dependence on mobile devices, software app, IoT, and a drive to meet growing demands for hybrid working environments, higher education has had to rapidly adapt its technology over the last three years to modern, intelligent, and ‘always on’ solutions to solve their paint points.
2nd December 2022

Why do you need an OFCOM two way radio licence?

An OFCOM two way radio licence is required to operate two-way radios in the UK. We discuss in this blog post all the frequently asked questions surrounding applications and management of your Ofcom two way radio licence.
22nd November 2022

The connected fireground with Mark Scoales, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

A cloud-based network architecture offers a unique approach to long-term system growth and emerging data capabilities. But what are the biggest concerns around cloud based network solutions and is there any truth in them?
15th November 2022

Two way radio frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of two way radio? Do all two way radios work together? Delve into our most frequently asked questions to find out if two-way radios are the device for your team to communicate.