31st March 2020
Top-Five-Features-of-the-Motorola-Solutions-ST7000-TETRA-Device-two way radio

Top Five Features of the Motorola Solutions ST7000 TETRA Device

The Motorola Solutions ST7000 meets the communication needs of executives, customer-facing staff and senior officers in office, airport, hotel and casino environments are driven by style, as well as function.
28th March 2020
MAG Deploys Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Capacity Max at Stansted-DP4801e close up

Product Focus – MOTOTRBO DP4000E Digital Two Way Radio Series

Offering a full set of features and rich functionality such as superb audio quality, full-colour display, integrated Bluetooth for audio and data, enhanced GPS, and text messaging the MOTOTRBO DP4000 Series hand portable two-way radios are ideal for both private and public sector organisations.
28th March 2020
SILENTA XM4 Folio Image

Product Focus – SAVOX SILENTA XM 4 Face Shield

Unnecessarily touching your face shield should also be avoided, the Silenta XM4 face shield has an adjustable and padded headband and is designed especially for long-term use.
28th March 2020
SILENTA MM4 Folio Image

Product Focus – SAVOX SILENTA MM4 Disposable Face Shield

The SAVOX SILENTA MM4 Disposable Face Mask is a comfortable disposable face mask which has been designed to prevent splashing from airborne liquids such as coughs or sneezes.
7th February 2020
What-implications-does-a-power-outage-have-on-your-organisation (1)

What Implications does a Power Outage have on your Organisation?

The disruption of power has been identified as one of the top-four business risks and, surprisingly, almost 75% of the 1500 business leaders researched admitted they were underprepared to deal with power outages. Unexpected power outages can cause unplanned situations that are not only costly but occasionally difficult to recover from.
31st January 2020

Infographic – Zebra Technologies Intelligent Enterprise Index

When a manufacturing production line goes down or a worker needs medical assistance, every second counts. In these critical situations, as well as during day-to-day operations, manufacturers are united in their desire for employees to be able to communicate quickly from device or network.
5th January 2020

Whitepaper – Resilience Levels in Business Radio Systems by FCS

Professional Radio communication has been used to achieve operational efficiency gains and improve safety arrangements for staff for many years. In this whitepaper, FCS explores resilience levels in business radio systems.
1st January 2020
WAVE-Product-Family-Motorola-Solutions-Radiocoms-Systems-Ltd (1)

Four Reasons Why WAVE Push-To-Talk (PTT) could be the Software Solution for your Organisation

Industries are undergoing a digital transformation to modernise the way their employees communicate, to increase productivity and ensure their safety. Motorola Solutions WAVE software can unify teams across multiple technological platforms, ensuring they work together seamlessly.
31st August 2019
5-Steps-to-Creating-a-Secure-Bluetooth-Environment-for-your-MOTOTRBO-Two-Way-Radios (1)

5 Steps to Creating a Secure Bluetooth Environment for your Two-Way Radios

Bluetooth technology is everywhere. By following these five steps you can create a mission-critical Bluetooth environment for your two-way radios and mitigate these risks.