17th November 2023

Are your voice communications and data safe from cyber attacks?

As the digital landscape continues to evolve with data applications and cloud-based solutions, organisations must prioritise the protection of their sensitive information from potential breaches. In the article we explain the different levels of encryption and how to protect your organisations two way radio and BBPTT systems against cyber attacks.
7th November 2023

A guide to streamlining operations and enhancing safety with dispatcher software

Is your organisation facing challenges such as budget constraints, slow technology adoption, and managing multiple outdated software systems? Do your team struggle to prevent and respond to security incidents, as well as communicate and coordinate effectively across various devices? These are just a few of the hurdles our clients have highlighted. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of dispatcher software and provide real-life examples of how organisations have used it to streamline voice and data communications, resulting in enhanced safety and productivity.
2nd November 2023

Key considerations for selecting the perfect software application bolt-ons

Enhance your two-way radio or BBPTT system with the perfect software application bolt-ons. Discover key considerations for selection, including evaluating communication needs, compatibility, user-friendly interfaces, scalability, and training/support. Improve productivity, efficiency, and safety in your organization. Get expert insights and guidance.
23rd October 2023

Radiocoms certified as a WAVE PTX specialist

Radiocoms has been certified as a WAVE PTX specialist with Motorola Solutions. This level of certification positions Radiocoms as a leader in the field of broad band push-to-talk (BBPTT) technology, offering comprehensive consultancy, design, installation, and support services for organisations looking to deploy the WAVE PTX platform.
19th October 2023

Radiocoms: Celebrating 50 Years

As Radiocoms celebrates its 50th anniversary, we sat down with Mark Blythe, Managing Director, Rieg Vanwaveren, Finance Director, and Bhupinder Sidhu, Operations Director, to reflect on the company’s history and discuss its evolution over the years.
15th October 2023

What are the data protection restrictions for body worn cameras in the UK?

Body-worn cameras are gaining popularity across sectors like healthcare and security, offering audio and video recording to enhance safety. Yet, they pose privacy issues, prompting the UK to implement data protection rules. We'll examine these restrictions and their impact on users in this blog.
18th September 2023

Radiocoms forms alliance with Modirum

Radiocoms forges international alliance with Modirum to widen UK offer to include for secure video broadcasting and management for emergency and other key sectors
15th September 2023

How can the energy sector take advantage of automation?

With the energy sector constantly evolving, companies are seeking innovative solutions to remain competitive in today’s market. Automation has opened up a world of possibilities, propelling businesses towards a future where safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are paramount.
31st August 2023

What are the pros and cons of body worn cameras?

Before purchasing body worn cameras, you should recognise who this technology is going to impact your employees and your organisations. Here are some pros and cons of body worn cameras.