8th September 2020

Podcast – Two way radio – A firefighters lifeline

Clear, concise communications are essential in the dynamic environment of a fireground incident. What technologies are firefighters utilising to support their intense amount of fast-paced communication and visibility challenges?
7th September 2020

Case Study – VOKKERO Guardian deployed to support critical engineering teams

Although unplanned, due to the unprecedented times there was an immediate necessity to deploy a secure digital communications network to address their now very current pain-points due to COVID-19, including changes in employee health and safety protocols and inefficient department communications.
14th August 2020

Blog – On-premise vs cloud-based software solutions

When selecting a software solution to support a radio communications system one of the most crucial parts is evaluating the risks and benefits of whether the deployment will be on cloud, or on premise. Every business case is unique and priorities will be dependent on your IT policies & procedures, organisational workflows and what data is being stored - Radiocoms Cory Pennicott, explores.
22nd July 2020

Blog – Resilient communications for tall buildings with the Hytera E-pack 100

Lack of radio coverage inside buildings can severely hamper the ability of fire services to tackle fires, locate occupants or oversee emergency evacuation procedures. Poor communications can lead to increased loss of life and damage to property, see how the Hytera E Pack can help you tackle complex communication requirements.
16th June 2020

Supporting better decision making and addressing new workplace environments with TRBOnet 5.5

With the most recent TRBOnet’ s software* releases there aren’t substantial cost implications or significant changes in the way the software operates, simply enhancements that can provide you with an opportunity to look ahead at how your radio communications system(s) can operate in the future.
16th June 2020

Entel launch new Professional Desktop Dispatcher

This powerful, multi-function dispatcher from Entel enables you to communicate with, locate, manage and ensure the safety of your mobile workforce from the convenience of a desktop IP video phone.
8th June 2020

Five Misconceptions about Two-Way Radio

Over the last decade, the advancements made in digital radio communications technology has rapidly gained pace and so have the misconceptions surrounding it. Misconceptions can often hinder the decision making process for organisations, whether you are exploring the choices to acquire more devices, updating existing legacy infrastructure, or considering a different technology altogether.
8th June 2020

Radiocoms named Motorola Solutions UK Empower Circle Winner

Radiocoms is delighted to announce our Empower Circle Award from Motorola Solutions. Our commitment to continually push boundaries allowed us to develop new and innovative communication solutions for our clients throughout 2019.
28th May 2020

How can you enhance team communications during social distancing?

Two-way radio technology enables your teams to keep communications flowing once they return to work as lockdowns are lifted. By keeping your employees connected through voice communications and data services such as work ticketing, you can maintain and even improve the efficiency of your workforce.