22nd October 2022

What you need to know about buying two-way radio and PoC equipment

Despite looking identical to their authentic counterparts, non-genuine/counterfeit two way radios, BBPTT devices, batteries, and accessories are manufactured to very different quality standards. Here a six reasons why grey import two way radios and BBPTT devices are not worth the risk.
15th October 2022

Understanding the difference between UHF and VHF two way radios

One of the first steps to take before purchasing a new two-way radios is to determine the best frequency band for your needs. The reason behind this is to ensure you the optimum results from your investment. This blog post covers all considerations you need to make.
15th July 2022

Five reasons why you should invest in body worn cameras

Body worn cameras can provide valuable intelligence to assess risk before an incident occurs and are particularly useful in high-risk situations where there is a strong likelihood of attack or altercation. Here are five reasons to consider deploying them.
24th June 2022

The challenges of leaving the Armed Forces

In this article, we talk to former Armed forces personnel who have made the transition to civilian employment with Radiocoms. It can be a difficult transition for those leaving the military to begin their first civilian career. Hear what they have to say about their journey.
15th June 2022

Body worn cameras frequently asked questions

Wearing a body worn camera can provide protection from false accusations, help to improve public safety, and can be used to build community trust and confidence. Here are our most frequently asked questions.
1st May 2022

Firefighters and Body Worn Cameras: How can this technology help protect our first responders?

While it’s logical that the future will involve an increased amount of body worn cameras being deployed as incidents increase in number and severity, the core issue they address are supporting both safety protocols and the mental and physical well-being of your firefighters.
15th April 2022

Listen: How is smart technology making the factory a safer place to work?

There is a growing need to create more profitability from production lines while dealing with aggressive global competition and ensuring worker safety. Listen to Sean Fitzgerald discuss the future of smart manufacturing in Motorola Solutions podcast.
5th April 2022

Benefits of Group Communications as a Service (GCaaS)

In the current environment, organisations are at a crossroads in terms of what types of devices and apps they should provide to their employees to ensure effective communication between their onsite, on-the-go, and remote workers. How can GCaaS support your decision?
28th March 2022

Technology Focus – How can satellite PTT support critical communications?

Ultimately, drones support emergency services in reducing risks to the public and other first responders. In this article, Andrew Bird discusses how DJI Enterprise’s technology can support your teams to develop best practices and optimal standards when integrating drones into command protocols.