7th March 2023

Efficient and Safe De-icing: How Aero Mag connect their teams

The opening of the Lexicon provided an opportunity for a new radio system to be deployed, that covered not only the centre but the wider town centre. Members of the Management Team had been familiar with MOTOTRBO having made use of it in Princess Square. In time for opening day all stakeholders had reviewed the portfolio of products and chosen a specification that gave both the Management and Tenants, a future proof solution, to respond to the demands of a busy retail environment.
28th March 2020

BBPTT Push to Talk
Over Cellular Case Study

For improved productivity and efficiency, many organisations are adopting POC Push to Talk over Cellular (3G/4G/Wi-Fi networks) which provides instant communication with National and International coverage. A significant advantage of PTT over cellular is the ability for a single person to reach an active talk group at the push of a button; users do not need to make several telephone calls to coordinate with a group. Push to talk cellular calls provide half-duplex communications — while one person transmits, the other(s) receive. This combines the operational advantages of PoC on a single smart device.