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With its proven track record in technology diversity, Radiocoms Systems Ltd is leading the way with the deployment of PTTi Push to Talk Over Cellular devices across various verticals.

Julie Lewis , Account Manager Radiocoms Systems Ltd , commented,

“Radiocoms’ believe that communication solutions are more effective when they align with our client’s business model.” She added, “With an independent approach, we offer solutions that give our clients tangible results from their investment— helping them to enhance their service offering by giving their teams the ability to collaborate effectively, therefore raising customer satisfaction.”

Future Proof Technology

For improved productivity and efficiency, many organisations are adopting POC Push to Talk over Cellular (3G/4G/Wi-Fi networks) which provides instant communication with National and International coverage.

A significant advantage of PTT over cellular is the ability for a single person to reach an active talk group at the push of a button; users do not need to make several telephone calls to coordinate with a group. Push to talk cellular calls provide half-duplex communications — while one person transmits, the other(s) receive. This combines the operational advantages of PoC on a single smart device.

The pricing and billing work in the same manner as a mobile phone contract – most PoC platforms allow you to purchase a device and then connect with a SIM card with a specified amount of data usage (x hours of talk time and x Mb of data), often for a fixed fee per annum. Just as with a PMR/DMR two-way radio network, it is important to carefully plan your fleet management requirements and consider the range of applications (such as types of alarm) you would like the service to support.

PoC can also turn your android device into a professional digital two-way radio with international reach and offers an expansive array of real-time pre-emptive priority calling and integrated emergency calls.

Airline Operator

Airline Operator POC PTTi Case StudyAs part of continued expansion, a prestigious international airline operator had an urgent requirement for communications as they were implementing new flight routes from Manchester Airport.

Radiocoms’ was approached due to their experience in supporting the airline vertical. The airline which operates scheduled domestic, international and cargo flights were recommended the PTTi PoC Solution for their Operations Team at Manchester Airport which eliminated time-consuming infrastructure and installation delays.

After reviewing the PoC devices available, the airline chose the E980, a rugged and functional device. With a touch screen, IP68 rating and GPS tracking, it was an ideal solution for them.

The PoC system holds renewed flexibility working seamlessly by roaming across WIFI and 4G networks. This quick to deploy device offered full-scale coverage and was optimised to work on the PTTi PoC service within forty-eight hours of receiving the order.

PRM Services (People with Restricted Mobility)

PRM Services (People with Restricted Mobility) PTTi POC Case StudyManchester Airport offers a wide variation of support services and viable accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility.

The PRM team assists from the moment of arrival at the airport until they have taken their seat on the aircraft. The team must be on hand, ready to support the passenger; therefore, immediate, precise communications are required to control and coordinate their service.

Centrally controlled by an operator, Radiocoms’ installed a desktop DTR controller and sixteen Inrico TM7 7+ 4G devices into various vehicles including – Peugeot Boxer Minibuses, Bulmoor Sidebull and Mallaghan ML6100T Ambulifts.

Operational efficiency, adaptability and safety is key to this service. By using an app contact list on their PoC device, they have enabled open communications across all the user groups. The PRM service at Manchester Airport can now deploy the right member of staff and vehicle, notifying them promptly should there be a last-minute gate change or if an urgent requirement is booked.

By rolling out the PoC devices, the PRM service has not only boosted internal communication but in addition, the solution has assisted them in meeting customer satisfaction KPI’s by increasing their ability to act promptly to requests.

Restaurant Group

Restaurant Group PTTi POC Case StudyStaying abreast of emerging technologies is a critical factor for restaurant chains that want to offer a high level of customer service and retain their brand reputation in a highly competitive industry.

Radiocoms’ brief was to deploy a lightweight device to streamline their operations and create a collaborative environment between their front and back of house teams, ultimately translating into a better customer experience.

The device needed to be able to operate in real-time within a busy, restaurant environment with the provision of assigned talkgroups and priority levels across the talkgroups. Extended battery life for workforce demands and clear audio either directly from the device or via a discrete earpiece was also a necessity.

Upon evaluating the options available, the team gravitated towards the E980, a rugged, waterproof IP68 4G LTE PTT multi-functional mobile phone-style handset. Providing intuitive workflow control features for the client; this handset can be developed and adapted through backend integration as their requirements evolve. The roll-out of the devices was swift for the team after the initial training was provided by Radiocoms. The group reported they were maximising the benefits within one working day of deployment.

By combining their new PoC technology with their outstanding customer service, this restaurant chain has now implemented a roll-out of the innovative devices across their restaurants throughout the Uk.

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