What Implications does a Power Outage have on your Organisation?

What implications does a power outage have on your organisation


Unexpected power outages can cause unplanned situations that are not only costly but occasionally difficult to recover from. With the continual advancements in technology and the requirements for connecting multiple processes, businesses are highly dependent upon a consistent, good-quality electricity supply.

The disruption of power has been identified as one of the top-four business risks and, surprisingly, almost 75% of the 1500 business leaders researched admitted they were underprepared to deal with power outages. On Friday 9th August 2019, across the UK, power was cut, this caused significant disruption to a large number of organisations including manufacturing plants, hospitals, IT systems, the train network and many moreThe briefest of power outages can be problematic, especially if you are unprepared.


Occasionally power cuts/outages are planned, for example, maintenance or upgrades of infrastructure; however, it is well reported that unplanned outages are more likely to occur. We explored some of the major power providers stated as reasons:

  • Natural Causes – Weather conditions, landscape, fire and animals are some of the most common reasons a power cut can occur, causing damage to overhead cables and equipment.
  • Equipment Failure – Deterioration of power equipment due to ageing cables or environmental conditions such as water. Over time their condition can impact their performance causing power outages.
  • Vehicles – Accidents can damage poles and power lines, causing power outages.
  • Surges – Voltage surges can be caused by lightning and static electricity, causing power outages.
  • Groundworks – When digging in the ground or working near overhead power lines, occasionally people damage electricity cables.


Power outages power implications


Power cuts can have detrimental monetary implications regardless of the size of an organisation.

The time frame impact of a power cut can only be calculated by the nature of the organisation and what is deemed to be an acceptable time to operate through power alternatives, for example, a UPS or generator.


Considering the duration of downtime, you must factor the ongoing implications, and this could be any number of points, including:

  • Decrease in productivity
  • Damage to essential equipment & supplies
  • Missed client deadlines & loss of revenue
  • Loss of crucial data
  • Staff safety

National Statistics reported a single hour of downtime costs a small business an average of £800.00 and a large commercial organisation £8,500.00. At the same time, one study paper stated the financial impact on one of their responders was £2 million a day.  

Do you know the real value that a power cut would cost your organisation per hour? There is a straightforward formula to follow:

Labour costs, per hour (no of employees, hours worked per week, percentage of workforce impacted by the outage) The revenue lost, per hour (daily turnover and the percentage affected by the blackout) = The hourly cost to your organisation. 



On-site requirements can vary in market sectors, and urban to rural areas have different levels of vulnerability; however, precautionary and robust emergency backup measures must be in place to reduce the cost and impact of outages. By planning and deploying power generating technologies, an organisation can reduce their risk levels and prepare for the challenges that come from a power cut.

Below are some of our UPS recommendations to assist in your resiliency plans:

Vision Rack

Brochure SPVRThis is the rackmount-style version of the popular Vision line interactive UPS system. Available in either 800 VA or 1100 VA versions, the Vision Rack is an easy-to-use plug and play power supply.

As well as protecting against blackouts, its automatic voltage stabiliser smooths out potentially damaging sags and surges to the mains supply.

A backlit LCD display panel are just two of the Vision Rack’s user-friendly features. Another is a Cold Start function where you can start up the UPS even if there isn’t any mains electricity available. Operating efficiency of up to 98% minimises energy waste and power consumption.



SPVTThe Vision range are line interactive UPS power supplies protecting peripherals, small servers, and network backup systems from power failures. Features automatic voltage stabiliser that the filters mains supply to reduce incidences such as sags or power surges.

Capable of operating efficiency up to 98% and with a dedicated EnergyShare socket that enables load-shedding and shutdown of less sensitive devices, extending available runtime for more critical loads.

Available in four power ranges – 800 VA, 1100 VA, 1500 VA, and 2000 VA.


SP Dual HP

SP Dual HPThe Sentinel Dual (High Power) uninterruptible power supply is ideal for environments with mission-critical applications.

Available in single-phase models from 3.3 or 4 kVA or 6.5, 8, or 10 kVA three-phase versions. These user-friendly plug and play units can be installed in 19-inch server racks and cabinets or as a floor-standing tower.

For the most critical environments, extended runtime of up to several hours is achievable either through more powerful battery chargers or the addition of extra battery boxes.


Sentinel Pro

Reillo SP Tower 

The Sentinel Pro delivers proven performance to protect a wide range of critical servers and IT networks. This tower-style plug and play single-phase UPS is easy to install and use, but incorporates a whole host of sophisticated features.

With a fully microprocessor-controlled inverter, it uses double conversion technology to produce a consistent and reliable output voltage. With a power range of 700-3000 VA, optional more powerful battery chargers are available for the most critical environments requiring extended runtime lasting several hours. In-built battery efficiency testing also ensures optimal performance.


Multi Sentry

SPMBecause one size doesn’t fit all, Multi Sentry is a range of 8 UPS from 30-200 kVA designed for sites that have limited power capacity or problems with harmonics.

Compatible with both single-phase and three-phase mains supplies, its advanced technologies deliver operational efficiency up to 96.5%. The online double conversion system is one of the best uninterruptible power supplies for powering capacitive, high-density loads such as blade servers, making it an excellent choice for data centres and mission-critical ICT and telecoms systems.

Capable of operating efficiencies of up to 96.5%, delivering consistent performance with minimal power consumption, users can select from a wide range of UPS operating modes.


Written in conjunction with our Partner, Secure Power Ltd

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