Emergency Services Two-Way Radios &
Communication Solutions

Fire Ground and Emergency Services Two-Way Radio Communications and Software Solutions
are essential in an emergency, where clear lines of communication are vital to your operation.

Mission Critical Voice & Data Radio Communication Systems

Emergency services two-way radio communications and software solutions are vital in an emergency, where clear lines of communication are essential. Radiocoms Systems Ltd have provided mission-critical voice and data two-way radio communication systems & software solutions to 46 Fire and Rescue Services throughout the UK.

Emergency Services Client Stories 

Cleveland fire brigade
Cleveland Fire Brigade WAVE Control Room Solution
hampshire fire and rescue
Hampshire Fire and Rescue MOTOTRBO Radio Upgrade
Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service with Digital Transformation
Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service with Digital Transformation

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Radiocoms is now classed as a Critical Supplier – Our team and supply chain are strategically placed throughout the UK to ensure continuity during this pandemic.

We are here to support you, keeping your employees operational and safe during this difficult time – Procure your voice, video and data communication products, solutions and services through the Network Services 2 RM3808 Framework (Lot 11).

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Fire Ground Product Recommendations

Available to Hire or Purchase Radiocoms would recommend the following products for the Emergency Services


WAVE Broadband Push-To-Talk Platform


Body Worn Cameras


TAIT TP9300 Series

Reliable Voice & Data Radio Communication Products and Solutions

Motorola Solutions, Entel, Hytera, Savox and Peltor are just some of the names of the manufacturers Radiocoms partner with to provide the highest level of professional equipment to the Emergency Services industry.

Digital two-way radio hand portables come with a wide range of emergency alert and tracking features, which make them additionally useful given the demands and dangers of emergency operations.

Portable, robust and extremely reliable within a specified network range, two-way radio remains a trusted communications tool for the emergency services. Even as the demands on the emergency services have changed over time, two-way radio has managed to keep pace. In an increasingly technology-based world where the sophistication of security threats is ever growing, the need for emergency services to work quickly in large teams over greater distances has increased greatly. But with the emergence of digital radio, greater output power means bigger operational ranges, and a whole range of new options to boost coverage besides; digital emergency services two-way radios can handle long-range deployments even across multiple sites.

The safety of our local Hampshire citizens and wellbeing of our firefighters is of paramount importance to the fire service, which is why we have chosen to upgrade our communications equipment to an advanced digital system. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service aims to be fully digital by August 2017. Peter Clarke, Station Manager Operational Technologies.

Benefits of Emergency Services Two-Way Radios

Depending on the radio or radio system chosen you could benefit from:

  • Fast reaction at the push of a button
  • Direct contact with all staff simultaneously
  • Group calls
  • 1 to 1 calls
  • GPS tracking to locate staff
  • Listen to conversations when radios not in use
  • Supports text communications
  • Earpieces provide silent communication if needed
  • Remote power off in event of unauthorised use
  • Clear voice/noise cancelling
  • Reliable, ‘always on’ signal
  • No reliance on mobile phone networks

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