Two Way Radio, Smart Device and PC’s Job Ticketing Software

Job ticketing or work ticket management is an eco-friendly, integrated allocation software solution which allows dispatchers to create, assign and track job tickets
through a two-way radio network creating seamless workflow amongst teams. This field service management solution isn’t limited just to hand portable radios, users can also be notified on smartphones,  notebooks or tablets, and desktop PC’s to support your organisation’s workflow and reduce time spent handling requests.


How does job ticketing work?

When a two-way radio user receives a task, the jobs can be accepted or declined by a simple one button-click or by sending a predefined text message. The job ticketing’s predefined response menu is extremely easy to use, and job statuses are customisable meaning they can be adapted to your organisations’ requirements. At any time, the dispatcher knows who is working and on what, when the deadline is and how long the job took. The status of all tickets is tracked in real time and notifies the dispatcher if it is about to become overdue.

The result is an extremely effortless way to control job tasks with a simple predefined response menu whilst management teams have a very effective and user-friendly tool to control business processes.

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Work order ticket application video.

Job ticketing features.

  • Improves business processes and automates job workflow
  • Reduces voice traffic, system usage and reaction time
  • Real-time, maximum visibility on jobs via a management dashboard
  • Available on full display two-way radios
  • Create job templates, scheduled jobs from a task control panel
  • Job tracking against a deadline

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