Share Information Quickly, Discreetly, Safely with Two Way Radio Text Messaging

Share Information Quickly, Discreetly, Safely with Two Way Radio Text Messaging


How do you get information to your mobile employees conveniently, discreetly and safely? Extend your desktop applications without added infrastructure or cost? In today’s fast-paced environment, technology can give you a decisive edge. And text messaging can improve the speed, safety and responsiveness of your workforce, no matter where they are.

How do you reach your employees rapidly with accurate, real-time information? No matter if they’re moving across a campus or around a city. How do you accelerate their productivity while you improve their safety? So you can close the gap between people and information – and the time and effort they spend trying to obtain it or verify it to do their job well.

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• Share real-time information quickly, discreetly, safely
• Let employees retrieve info when convenient or appropriate
• Check on shipments, quantities, delivery times
• Dispatch and redirect maintenance crews for quick repairs
• Send directions to mobile workers without distracting them



From the fleet or factory,  truck or basement, text messaging is the perfect way to communicate when voice communication would be disruptive or messages don’t need an immediate response. Text messaging lets employees communicate whenever discretion and safety
is required – be it a concierge in a bustling hotel lobby or a security team at a corporate event.

With Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO, you can create a versatile, two-way radio solution with voice and text messaging to provide information to your employees anywhere and anytime– without additional devices to install and maintain. Empower your employees with the information they need to enhance their productivity and safety by using text messaging between radios, radios and dispatch systems and radios to any email-capable device.

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• MOTOTRBO Predictive Text offers advanced features to make text messaging faster and easier than ever, including Word Completion, a User-Defined Dictionary, Word  Correction, Word Prediction, Smart Punctuation, Auto Accenting, Number Lock, Sentence Capitalization, and Caps Lock.

• Advanced text messaging capabilities automatically add punctuation, capitalisation and accents to words as you type, and predict words by considering context and learning previous user behaviour.

• Other intelligent features, such as Word Correction, help correct misspelt words while typing. Users can use shortcuts to enter common phrases, and the radio can intuitively help correct mistakes when a wrong key is pressed.

• The large, full-colour displays on the MOTOTRBO DP4000e and SL Series portables operate in day or night mode to show more text at once, eliminating the need to scroll through pages.


In manufacturing, you depend on access to real-time information to keep the plant running smoothly. With text messaging, your workers don’t need to head to their computers to check on the status of inventory or an incoming shipment. Instantaneous text messaging saves time and helps them be more productive.

If you’re an administrator at a university, you need to communicate quickly. Whether notifying maintenance of an urgent building repair or updating the athletic department on the arrival of a visiting team, text messaging lets you share information – easily, discreetly, conveniently – across campus.

MOTOTRBO SL4000e Text MessagingThe MOTOTRBO DP4000e and SL Series portable two-way radio models offer advanced predictive text features to make text messaging faster than ever*. Users can conveniently switch between various text input modes at any time, allowing flexibility for users to enter text with ease.

Unlike making a voice walkie talkie call, texting can be carried out in relative privacy, it’s easy to send and receive texts without being overhead in sensitive situations and you do not have to rely on an internet connection.

With text messaging, you can quickly and safely communicate with employees on the road. Whether it’s to schedule an unexpected pick up or notify them of heavy traffic, you can share information with your drivers without distracting them with voice conversation. They can read directions or information at a later time and place rather than disrupting their routes and workflow.

When your work crews are high up, repairing stoplights or restoring power after a storm, or down below, fixing a water main break, you can text work orders or directions to the next location of a repair site. Instead of interrupting them with a voice conversation during a critical task, they can read it later when it’s safe.


* Advanced Predictive Text features are available with MOTOTRBO version 2.1 software

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