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Create a safer place for learning.

In order for schools, colleges, and universities to be safe learning environments, they must ensure that crime and violence aren’t tolerated. However, this can only be accomplished if a solid foundation of safety is in place. Everything starts with safety, staggeringly only 14% reported that their communications and safety budget met all of their requirements*.

Disconnected systems can become fragmented, with employees unable to communicate between the variety of technologies. Safety reimagined has been designed to make schools, colleges, and universities a safer environment for pupils, staff and visitors.
How? By creating a connection between communication devices, body worn cameras, CCTV and sensors making it easier for your team to collaborate.

92 percent of educators report that creating a safe, secure environment is a priority-radiocoms

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Create a safer learning environment.
Unify your teams and communications technologies. 

Download the situational scenarios below to gain insight into how safety reimagined can bring connection to your site –
from two way radios, smart devices, body worn cameras to CCTV control centres, let information flow and be directed to the right team and individuals, at the right time.


Vape detection.


The HALO Smart Sensor detects the presence of vaping and automatically sends an alert directly to appropriate staff on the device of their choice and to the security office.

Resources dispatched.
Security officers or school staff are dispatched to the required area and wait outside to confront the students.

Incident recorded.
Staff document the incident with relevant data for future review or investigation.

Intruder alert.


From a watch list of known individuals, the intruder is automatically detected approaching the school. Security automatically receives notification every time the intruder comes into view of a camera.

Notification communicated.
Alert dispatched to staff across radios and smartphones to lockdown. Team are dispatched to intercept the individual with images and real time location updates.

First response dispatched.
Local police directly informed with video for immediate first response and incident documented with pre-populated fields.

Perimeter breach.


Disgruntled ex-employee licence plate detected entering school or university grounds and school security is notified.

Appearance detected.
Face match video analytics locates unauthorised person on the property and alerts security officers.

Notification communicated.
Alert dispatched to staff across radios and smartphones to lock-down areas and security officers are dispatched to intercept the individual with images and real time location updates.

Compatible safety reimagined technologies. 


Avigilon Cameras >
• Access Control Manager
• Radio Alert >

SRI-MSI-Analyse - Radiocoms

• Avigilon Cameras
• Access Control Center
• Watch List
• Focus of Attention


• Access Control Manager
• Critical Connect

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*Motorola Solutions Education Survey

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