Retail Two-Way Radios

Retail two-way Radios are ideal for managing communication in shops, shopping centres and high streets

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Management and Security

From small single unit retail outlets to large multi-storey shopping centres requires reliable and efficient systems to ensure smooth operations in a variety of situations. Retailers and shopping outlets use two-way radios for effective and instant communication between warehouses, offices and staff members, security & loss prevention teams, facilities management, and even CCTV control rooms and Police. Two-way radio communications provide all key staff with the ability to communicate quickly, reliably and effectively.

Retail Two Way Radios

With the introduction of digital two-way radio solutions, Radiocoms can provide a system to assist with the day to day management of the vital aspects of running and managing your retail area. Our systems also allow management to communicate with security and maintenance teams with built-in monitoring software which includes lone worker and man-down alerts as well as GPS tracking.

We can also link individual shops within town centres or shopping malls with integration to police officers and CCTV monitoring centres. In an increasingly technology-based world where the sophistication of security threats is ever growing, the need for security services to work quickly in large teams over greater distances has increased greatly. But with the emergence of digital two-way radio, greater output power means bigger operational ranges, and a whole range of new options to boost coverage besides; digital two-way radios can handle long-range deployments even across multiple sites.

In a busy retail environment robust and reliable communications via two-way radio will guarantee that you can hear over the hustle and bustle of a busy retail environment.


Why Choose Two-Way Radios for Retail

Depending on the radio or radio system chosen you could benefit from:

  • An easy to use communication device
  • Full working day battery life
  • Clear audio even in noisy environments
  • Site-wide coverage
  • Location tracking that enhances security
  • Remote connectivity
  • Inter-site communications, e.g. between similar users in adjacent sites
  • Security notifications
  • Have caller ID and panic/emergency call functions
  • GPS Tracking

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