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MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Case Study


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Digital transformation is a key buzz word within the public sector as they drive forward to eliminate technical barriers. Radiocoms Systems Ltd are working alongside Local Resilience Forums (LRF) to roll out digital radio solutions to cover their operational county. An LRF team is multi layered and includes Emergency Services, Local Authorities, NHS England and the Environment Agency, which are all Category 1 responders under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 they work together to respond and recover. The LRF can also be supported by Category 2 responders, such as Highways England and utility companies.

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 ever county has a duty to ensure it is prepared to respond to an emergency. 
They cover a number of incidents including:

  • Control of Major Accident Hazard (COMAH)
  • Reservoir Inundation
  • Excess Deaths
  • Severe Weather
  • Flood
  • East Coast Tidal Flood
  • Mass Fatalities
  • Major Accident Hazard Pipeline

There are many challenges to overcome when connecting multi functioning, widely dispersed teams. By utilising digital technological advancements, public sector organisations can create efficient and cost-effective communication platforms that support change and offer growth capabilities.

After developing a list of requirements, an LRF team approached Radiocoms to address their main challenge of connecting two teams, across two counties. Alongside this, they needed to include voice calling, group calling and location services.

With a wealth of experience in wide-area solutions and the knowledge in the importance of offering efficiency, reliability and future scalability Radiocoms carried out situational testing with some of the world’s leading radio manufacturers. After collecting and analysing the survey results, the team decided upon a Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ radio communication solution.


Connection for the two counties was provided through a MOTOTRBO Capacity plus multi-site solution. This system connects large, dispersed teams by linking strategically located MOTOTRBO SLR5500 repeaters through an IP network.

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The chosen hand portable for the deployment was the GPS enabled MOTOTRBO DP4601e to safeguard their crews with responsive push-to-talk technology. The radio connects securely and seamlessly to the infrastructure, providing advanced detection through the device’s standard safety features and efficient workflow management software, giving the user protection without raising the cost.

Known for its high level of functionality and resiliency, the innovative, market leading DP4601e two-way radio is packed full of safety features such as:

  • Transmit interrupt – allowing prioritisation of important communication exactly when it is needed, with emergency alerts enabled for workers to send notifications to a central location.
  • Text messaging – to share vital information when voice communication is inconvenient.
  • Integrated GPS tracking and dispatch – to quickly locate and direct mobile work crews, and digital telephone patch to communicate seamlessly between radios and mobile phones.
  • A powerful audio amplifier – delivering loud, clear speech, with industrial noise cancellation for better intelligibility.
  • The latest energy technology – delivering up to 28 hours of battery life for 3-shift working, and an improved receiver boosts range by up to 8%.

The new system has given the LRF management team operational visibility and a clear way to co-ordinate emergency situations, delivering seamless connectivity whilst key staff are now accessible whatever their location allowing them to provide a proactive, safer service.

“With an understanding of our clients brief we approached the requirement in a holistic way, ensuring their new technologies align and integrate with their requirements. On this occasion MOTOTRBO™ solutions have provided this LRF team with a communications platform that will evolve, protect and ultimately save lives.” Simon Bingham, Senior Account Manager.

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